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  1. Judiciary hearing today, anyone going?

    About to leave now to go. Can you get in after it starts? I probably won't make it there by 1pm.
  2. Has Baker found a position on the AG's actions?

    Or is he still using the lick the finger and stick it in the air approach?
  3. Man tells Worcester Police his gun was stolen while playing Pokémon Go
  4. WTS 2x ATI 5850 1gb video cards

    Location: Worcester area Description: 2 ATI 5850 1GB video cards. These were my workhorses up until late 2014. Visiontek Sapphire I just tested both cards separately in my desktop and both are working. Would prefer to sell these in 1 lot. Crossfire cable included. Selling terms...
  5. S&W 5904 how to adjust ights

    So this is my first handgun and it has a nice SA trigger though the DA throws me off. I'm trying to control my aim and be consistent but I still feel like its wobbling in my hands. Anyone have any tips on how I adjust the sights on this pistol. It shoots very low. I shot it today and it was...
  6. EFA-10 Quick question on out of state long gun purchase....

    I purchased a long gun at a NH Gun Shop. When I register do I need to put the sellers information for the gun shop or do I leave it blank? Thanks
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