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  1. Norinco 7.62x39 ammo

    I was going through my ammo storage and "discovered" all this. Does it have any collector value or are there people looking for this stuff specifically? I have just been keeping it as "shtf" ammo. I heard it is not entirely non-corrosive and I don't have time for that. 28 boxes of the more...
  2. Eye dominance

    I must be an idiot... I swear I have done the eye dominance test a bunch in the past and found I was right eye dominant especially seeing as I am right handed. I have been shooting for years and have never been a sharpshooter but just marked it up to not enough practice. After doing the eye...
  3. Iver Johnson Sidewinder model 50

    My grandfather just gave me his Iver Johnson Sidewinder model 50, anybody have links with some info about them? Anyone know much about them?
  4. Auto Bolt Carrier for AR15

    Is there any issues with using and Auto Bolt Carrier group in a semi-auto AR? I am guessing it is just beefed up compared to the semi-auto version but figured ask.
  5. Modern .22lr ammo in old Mossberg?

    I have and old Mossberg 342k (from the 50's or 60's), is it okay to use modern "high velocity" ammo like CCI Stingers in it? Or should I stick with standard stuff?
  6. AK mag rebuild kits

    AK 30rd magazine rebuild kits? Anyone know where I can order some?
  7. Red Dot scope eye relief?

    A friend gave me a Leapers Red Dot scope, I know these are lower end scopes and one thing that I notice about it is the greater my eye relief the larger the dot becomes. Is this common with all red dots or do higher end ones not do this?
  8. 2009 NES fishing meet?

    Well I tried to put something together last year and it did not really work out so lets try it again (of course with Derek's blessing). Would anyone be up for a fishing get together? Maybe we could have a little friendly competition or something. It could be on boats, from shore or both...
  9. Tapco Ar15 polymer mags

    Tapco Ar15 polymer mags, anyone try them yet? I haven't been able to find much info about them but what I have seen has been pretty good. They seem to be in stock in a lot of places and may be a good replacement for the unavailable magpul mags. NO I WOULD NOT BE USING THESE IN MA!
  10. Quabbin Res. Prices

    Just a heads up for anyone who uses the Quabbin Res. or any other DCR lands, there will be three meetings coming up to decide if they will raise the prices. As we all know this is MA so a price increase is all but assured. I like going to the Res and renting a boat but this proposal will...
  11. Who is watching the Sox?

    Yeah I know it is only spring but I always get overly excited this time of year. Go Sox! ETA: sorry wrong forum.
  12. Stainless Steel or Aluminium AR mags

    What is the consensus on the two different material magazines? Are there any reasons to get one over the other? Talking about new mags. ETA: Mags to be used and stored in VT, so I am not worried about legal issues.
  13. What is a "Lanced Magazine"?

    C Prod. offers 20 rd straight mags that are "lanced" to 5 or 10 rounds, they also have ones that are "blocked", I know what blocked mags are but what the hell is "lanced" mag?
  14. Cell phones and the power grid

    At what point will cell phones start to be effected by wide spread power outages? I am guessing that at some point when enough areas loose power so will cell towers and other "points of transfer". Anyone ideas?
  15. Rifle Size Problems

    I have never really used my 10/22 for anything other then recreational plinking but I was just trying out some prone dry firing in anticipation for the Appleseed shoot and it seems that it is just too short and small in general. I feel like the stock is much too short and the sights are much...
  16. St. Louis City Leader Says Police Ineffective, Tells Residents to Get Armed

    The police chief's comments are no surprise.[rolleyes],2933,460725,00.html
  17. HELP I messed up my J frame!

    Well I decided to take the side plate off my model 60-15 to clean it good...[rolleyes] So I put the side plate back on and now the cylinder will not open. Any ideas?[thinking]
  18. KNS Precision front sights

    Anybody use these or have an opinion in general? My new plan for the AK is a mojo rear sight and maybe these for the front.
  19. Saiga rifles by Arsenal Inc.

    I thought this was pretty interesting! ETA: Seems to be selling for a $650...
  20. Recommendations on Boots (work/outdoors)

    I am looking for boots for everyday use. Something that will work good both on the shop floor but also be good outdoors. I have never bought a good pair of work boots before, only cheap Wally world stuff and I am sick of them. So any recommendations? Chippewa, Rocky....
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