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  1. AIM Surplus CZ-75's for $350

    It ain't fair , I tells ya.
  2. Gabrielle Giffords Helps Start NH-based Anti-Gun Group

    [puke] [/COLOR][/LEFT]
  3. Radio Jeff Kuhner Denied/Restricted? Answer:No. Kuhner flames follow...

    This morning on WRKO (680 AM), probably around 7:45am, I heard the last 15-20 seconds of a rant from Jeff Kuhner on being either denied or restricted on his firearms permit application (I think). He kept saying that he wasn't allowed to own a rifle or shotgun to protect his family. I couldn't...
  4. CO Gov Hickenlooper Magazine Ban Revelations

    Colorado Governor Hickenlooper explains that some staffer committed him to sign the legislation before he had a chance to review it or the facts behind standard capacity magazines. He also admits he didn't explore any of the issues surrounding banning the magazines prior to signing the...
  5. Gun Safety/Training for Kids, Discretion with Friends, Other Parents, & School

    My kids are 6 and 4, and I'm going to start basic gun safety and eventual lessons/training soon for the older one. One aspect of educating my kids on firearms gives me pause "in this day and age". I want to make sure my kids are discreet with their new gun knowledge. With all the zero...
  6. New Bloomberg "Everytown for Gun Safety" Video

    The first video from Bloomturd's "grassroots" $50M group. Get ready for your blood to boil.
  7. EMPIRE STATE REBELLION: NY Non-Compliance Article Not sure if dupe, searchy, no findy.
  8. Got Shield 8rnd Mags Today from S&W! Better late than never?

    Got a small package in the mail today, had no idea what it could be. Turns out S&W finally sent me 2 8 round Shield 9mm mags that I ordered... on 3/29/2013!!! I saw them in stock one day on their site and ordered them on a whim, when nothing showed up I figured they cancelled my order due to...
  9. Classic Firearms Mosin 91/30's in stock

    Russian M91/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle, Bolt Action 7.62x54R - Our Most Popular Rifle Includes accessories, rated to be in excellent condition, $139.99. These went quick the last time I got the email notification.
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