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  1. Show us your .308's Semi-Autos

    My little .308
  2. 9mm fun.

    Just shooting into the field. Nothing was hit other then trees.
  3. Shooting/Training and Gun Videos, post them here. - - - Updated - - -
  4. 7" 5.56 fun
  5. 9mm fun.

    Yes my channel and my yard.
  6. 9mm fun.
  7. The new must have item.
  8. GoPro Hero 5 on 300blk

    I am gonna have some fun making vids with this thing..
  9. Nuts, pushing the limit, or exercising 2A ?

    The guy is not breaking any laws and is on his property! This is not being nuts this is a citizen using his freedom! The issue is NOT with this man but those who attack/ insult him for using his rights while they hide in the shadows so nobody see's them using theirs.
  10. How quiet is a suppressed 300 blackout bolt rifle?

    1125 FPS is the speed of sound so you need to stay below that or you get a sonic crack..
  11. How quiet is a suppressed 300 blackout bolt rifle?

    The can has ZERO effect on velocity. They are right above 1100 fps.
  12. How quiet is a suppressed 300 blackout bolt rifle?

    No it captured it pretty true to life. It is STUPID quiet.
  13. Lovin me some 300 blk..

    Both subs and supersonic depending on what you want to do. These are 220 subs they run great in a semi ( or full auto ) you can get them with a little less powder for bolt guns but truth be told these are mouse fart quiet out my Remingtom 700 300aac with a can.
  14. Lovin me some 300 blk..

  15. Is H&K the only one with an 'excessive use' disclaimer clause in the warranty?

    I have several USP's because they are tanks. I have a USP .45 that I have had going on 14 years and have used it allot had many thousands of rounds through it more then half of those suppressed and still runs like a champ.
  16. Sub sonic 22's

    The right ammo and the right can= mouse farts.
  17. Filing NFA Trust

    What? I have done several form 1's in my life and I have had a trust for many years never done this nor heard this one before.
  18. Top 5 Guns to Get Before an Election

    I just got a 55 gallon drum of 5.56 and me and a buddy ordered 100 striped lowers 60 for me 40 for him. Prices are going to start going up the end of this year big time..
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