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  1. Guns for survival

    I was planning to be at the range all day today but around 3pm it started raining.(the forecast called for rain but I don't really trust it since the last 2 "storm of the century" ended up being flurries). Since my trip to the range was cut short, I quickly got bored....soooo I started thinking...
  2. Suggestion on .357/.38 lever action

    Looking to expand my collection because I feel like I have everything I want. Looking for some suggestions on a lever action under $500 I don't want to spend too much on my first one because I might not enjoy it as much as I think. Any input and pictures would be appreciated
  3. WTS External frame pack

    I have an alps outdoorz pack. Never used it and I need to make room in our spare room to build a reloading bench ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag, 5250 Cubic Inches by ALPS OutdoorZ Location: west...
  4. WTS Mre

    Location :west roxbury Description : I'm selling military mres(not the ones sold and army navy stores) I have no use for them and they are just sitting in my spare bedroom. I have 19 available Accessories : Selling Terms :ftf somewhere near me or around braintree Price :$6 each or 100 for...
  5. Ruger sp101 model 5771

    I was shotgun shopping today with my brother and as always something else catches your eye. I came across a ruger sp101 5771 (4 1/4 barrel, fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear sights). In terms of looks I already love the gun but before I decide to buy one, I'd like to get thoughts on this...
  6. WTS Surefire helmet light

    I have 2 surefire helmet lights that I bought thinking I lost the ones I was issued. I had to pay top dollar for this in San Diego so just looking to get half my money back because I no longer need them. Helmet light has red,white and IR modes price: 120 each. 200 for both. Pm for more info
  7. efa10 question

    I've been trying to get an answer for a few hours now and cant seem to find a consistent answer. Does the 4 efa10 a year apply to you as a seller or just any transfers in general? thanks in advance
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