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  1. m38

    M38 can be a Soviet Mosin Nagant carbine, Turk '98, or Swedish carbine. They have nothing in common. Even the Willy's jeep is an M38.
  2. It's Fred's Fault - $525 Funshow Finds

    I sold 2 Tula 91's years ago, .....along w/ a M27 finn and a M28. $525.00 as a package.. What a difference 4 years makes. I only paid $75.00 each. Finn '91's usually had the rear sight cut for better accuracy. I'm not seeing that on yours.
  3. Original German Ammo from WWII...

    I have only a few rounds of 1935 German 7.92 left. Lots of 1940..1945 .303 mkVII on chargers in Bandoliers.
  4. 1937 Lion Crest VZ24 in the house! W/Pics after cleaning.

    I would put a deposit down on the 1895. The Ankara is a VG rifle, but the Chilean is unique in many ways. The cut out in the receiver to strengthen is just one. 7x57 is a great cartridge and there has been some well priced surplus ammo coming in country. Hell, put a deposit on both!! Do you...
  5. School me on spanish FR8

    This is also a subject at Accurate reloading. The Ruger is one fugly rig! FR8 at least has some class.
  6. Yet another M44

    I gave one to my oldest son a few years ago, a 1952 Hungarian M44. That rifle is very accurate. Congrats!!
  7. Build for my son

    Here she is, the see through rings do suck! So they will be replaced w/ some true Weaver steel tomorrow. I blued the bolt handle, sleeve and extracyor so he can use her this winter for 'yotes.
  8. Combat .357 Mag Model, 19, 66, or 686

    I have a 19-4. Awesome revolver. I hunt w/ it.
  9. Fin m91

    It does have a globe front sight, but the post has been stretched. It is flat in back and has visible tool marks. It is about 1/16" longer than my other front posts on 91/30's. It is also thinner than a standard post at the top. I bought this rifle a few years ago from the importer, so bubba...
  10. Fin m91

    No, your missing the point. I have a Finnish 91/30, a 1938 that the front post has been stretched!!!
  11. Fin m91

    Does anyone have a front post that was "Stretched" for lack of a better term?
  12. Build for my son

    Finding a cheap, usable barreled action is getting tough. I over paided for what I got as the doner rifle, but it will last him a lifetime now.
  13. Chilean Mauser 1895

    Check w/ Sarco, Numrich, and don't forget old gunsmiths!!! Since many rifles were sportered, they often have a pile of old stocks.
  14. Old Savage Arms .22 Hornet (Looking for info)

    Looking at the rifle design and color of the Bluing, I would say pre 1938. That is a great find! The butt plate looks to be pre 1932, since almost all manufactures went to Steel flat or bakalite/plastic. She looks to be a K98/06 look alike. Pics of the bolt would help.
  15. Build for my son

    Ok here is where I am now: OK, The stock is finished. I had to do some fitting, but I'm very happy w/ it. I finished it w/ BLO and Hoppes gun wax. The woodland camo laminate looks stellar w/ this finish. I stripped the rifle down to bare nothing and took it out for some test shots w/ the...
  16. She is done! Finally!

    Altough I owe you already, I'll remember this. ;)
  17. She is done! Finally!

    The Cetme may stay in the safe or be sold! Na!!! I really like my true and repro Snipers more and more. There is so little thought that goes into the shot. Once the scope is zero'd it really only takes a squeeze of the trigger. I love the old 2 stage Military triggers also. I found that after...
  18. She is done! Finally!

    Some of the parts are stamped, some not. dou 45 w/ some waffenamps.
  19. She is done! Finally!

    Yep I've Shot her. As is she is hitting clays at 300 yards. The Smith that did the work in Pa, swore this was his last. Soft solder and drill and tap the bases, 150.00, zero and resolder/blue the scope/rings, 100.00.
  20. She is done! Finally!

    Been waiting a while on this build! Post war Czech 98 w/ original scope and repro(from Austria) bases. She is one sweet shooter. I had a Smith in Pa. do her correctly.
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