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  1. New Purchase i

    Just moved to RI from MA, as I mentioned in the original post.
  2. New Purchase i

    What is need in the state to buy a new rifle. I've just moved into the state, and haven't switched my drivers license/registration. Does a dealer need proof of residency? Can utility bill or tax bill work?
  3. Moving to RI

    I'm moving to RI at the end of the month. Has anyone had any experience turning there MA LTC to a non resident? I still own investment property's in MA. It seems the process for getting a LTC in RI is a but difficult. Any advice? Once I transfer my vehicle registration, and have resisted in RI...
  4. Burrillville CCW

    Anyone have any experience with Burrillville issuing CCW permits? I'm thinking about buying a home there.
  5. Non Leathal Options i.e. Mace

    General issue. She works in a Hotel second shift by herself at night. The hotel attracts alot of odd people.
  6. Non Leathal Options i.e. Mace

    ever see them in stores?
  7. Non Leathal Options i.e. Mace

    I just talked to her. She had another problem at work, and it is highly disturbing to me. The issues are mounting at this time and I worry about her. What can I get her with out the FID restricted?
  8. Non Leathal Options i.e. Mace

    She is out of school now, but working nights.
  9. Non Leathal Options i.e. Mace

    I would like to get my girl mace because she is working second shift for the time being. I know it’s a restricted FID. My question is when she fills out the application at the police station, how long does it take for it to come in? What mace or pepper spray options are currently available in...
  10. anterless tags?

    Its a lotto. the send in date was sometime this summer
  11. anterless tags?

    Can they be bought over the counter or a westboro? I missed the lotto
  12. Looking for new .45 ACP that'll take pre-ban high cap mag's

    I shot a para 1911 once. It was the worst gun i have ever shot. the trigger was terrable and the gun was really heavy. it did come in a nice green box.
  13. Monson Man Convicted in Self-Defense Dog Shooting

    I home the guy gets away with it.
  14. How much time do you spend on shooting per week?

    i used to go once a week. i havent been since MAY
  15. too lazy to search, please answer quick question

    need a LTC high cap licence
  16. who likes the BAR 30.06

    look for a used or buy new Savage field rifle with a synthtic stock and SS barrel. >308 is a great large game hunting caliber.
  17. Impressive woman...

    She loooks good to me.
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