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  1. Might Be a Wild Night in Chicago!

    13 year old shot and killed by Chicago police. He complied with the commands, as confirmed in first video, but you can see in the security cam video that he ditched a firearm behind that fence before turning around...
  2. Gun Show This Weekend!

    Gun show this weekend in my new hometown. I'll report back on ammo pricing after my visit this afternoon. What would you be seeking out if you were attending?
  3. Asking For A Friend

    Can my friend in MA buy his father's pre-Healey-nonsense AR-15 (father lives in NC) assuming an FFL will accept the transfer? If so, would the same rules apply to a stripped lower?
  4. AR9 Pistol Recommendations (Free State)

    Hey all, Looking for some recommendations on an inexpensive AR9 pistol for range use. Not looking to go the CMMG Banshee route, cost-wise. PSA has a couple options listed at around $550-600, but I don’t know anything about them. My other option is to build, but haven’t priced out the parts list...
  5. WTS Counter height table set

    For sale: “Counter height” (36”) table with 6 chairs. Good condition, some wear. Purchased about 10 years ago at Jordan’s. Will not need it at my new apartment. Table is 40”x54”, 54”x54” with the leaf installed. $250 Pick up in Wakefield
  6. Question about transporting firearms during cross country move

    The time has come for me to leave MA for freer pastures, so I’ll be moving to Utah at the end of July. I’m trying to determine my best course of action for moving my firearms, and I’m wavering between tossing them in the car with me when I leave (I’m transporting ammo, so what’s the diff?)...
  7. WTS Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds

    For sale: Bose SoundSport Free wireless earbuds. New in Sealed Box SoundSport Free: True Wireless Earbuds | Bose Retail price $199.99, asking $150 shipped.
  8. TV Knife Identification

    Looking for help identifying a knife from the Cinemax show Banshee. My father (a big knife fan) mentioned what he thought it was, but now I can’t remember. Either way, I’d like to confirm it, if possible... It’s from Season 1, Episode 5 “The Kindred” Here it is... Banshee (TV) - Rebecca...
  9. And what's beyond it...

    Michigan woman shot dead in her kitchen by stray bullet | Daily Mail Online
  10. Another careless hunter...woman killed

    “Thought I saw a deer”
  11. S&W buys Gemtech Thoughts?
  12. Don't teach what you don't know...

  13. Most armed man in America?

    Maybe true, but only because most NES'rs lost their stash in a boating accident....
  14. Safety Rules Violation!
  15. Antifa idiot shows off his AR-OneFive
  16. Well, this doesn't help the cause WTF is wrong with people???
  17. Cop sues Glock So much fail.
  18. NJ Troopers respond to wrong house, light up old man The he said, she said will be really important in this case. Does NJ recognize curtilege?
  19. Ruger American? Rem 700? Savage Axis?

    Looking to grab a "decent" bolt action in the near future. My Google-fu most commonly yields the brands/models in the title. Is there one that's preferred over the others? I was thinking of .308, but is there another caliber I should consider? Don't think I'm in the Tikka price range, at...
  20. BREAKING: attack at Bastille Day celebrations Here we go again...
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