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  1. And more interesting news

    reap what you sow
  2. Democrats Aim To Pass The Most Aggressive Gun-control Legislation

    Saw this posted elsewhere... The piece of legislation is sponsored by New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone and has been co-sponsored by 16 other House Democrats. Officially known as H.R. 7115, the bill has been laughably misnamed as the “3D...
  3. seeking Advice for transfer of inherited firearms ( in state Mass.)

    Hi Y'all, My Father passed away ( 94 years old, he had a good run) and I'm seeking advice on how to transfer some firearms ( shotgun, 22 rifle, and a 22 pistol) to my Brother and Sister, who both have the Mass class A permit. Thanks, LT
  4. Tell me about your K31

    I always found that my K31's were just as accurate as my Swedish Mausers...and the K31 reloading using 30 caliber bullets is a nice feature too....
  5. What a day to shoot

    going to be close to 80 degrees later this week.....watched people water skiing on the lake today...t-shirt and shorts weather for sure y' glad I moved from NH...[smile]
  6. Just caused an ANTI to get an "F" on their paper (hopefully)

    maybe the Student can get a "participation medal" for submitting the term paper, even though it was full of "fake facts" that they didn't do research on... and how the heck is giving a realistic grade, even if it's an "F", for a term paper based on the actual contents, quality, etc. end up...
  7. Considering move out of New England.

    we moved from New Hampshire in 2015 to the very western part of South Carolina ( UpState)- on Lake Keowee , near Greenville. We like it here a lot - reaL estate taxes are 1/10th of what I was paying in NH, and this house is bigger and on the lake. We pay $143 / month for electricity - and this...
  8. Shipping rifle via usps.

    if shipping USPS, and something goes wrong ( lost/broken/etc.) and you need to file insurance claim, note that once you declare the insurance claim involves a firearm, it then also requires you provide a stamped/signed copy of the ps-1508 form.
  9. Talk about a squib

  10. Petition to stop federal funding of Hampshire College

    why is reducing spending a sin ?
  11. Pistol/Carbine Combo

    Beretta 96 40sw handgun and Beretta CX storm 40sw carbine, set up to use the same mags for old school: Marlin 1894CB lever action rifle in 45 colt, and Ruger Bisley 4 1/2" barrel, convertible that has 2 cylinders, one for 45 colt, other for 45acp; and Ruger Blackhawk 7" barrel, 45 colt...
  12. newbie question sporting clays

    going to try shooting sporting clays for first time next week. some dumb newbie questions : 1) I have a Stevens 311 sidexside 20 GA shotgun - this should be OK ?? 2) ammo - what size shot is used ?? Thanks for any advice !
  13. Clowns.

    here is link to the CLM protest /clown-lives-matter-march-planned-for-oct-15 [popcorn]
  14. Advice on trip carrying propane tanks, firearms and ammo

    We moved to western SC. The route I like best traveling back from New England is Mass Pike all the way to Albany, 87 south to 84 84 west to 81 81 south this way you avoid 84 in Connecticut, which is a mess.
  15. How to FA10 a homemade rifle

    at 7:10......first 50BMG I made that didn't "blow up"........
  16. Interesting Ruger

    now get a copy of the book to include witht he revolver in your Gunbroker auction.....
  17. Ammo search

    I was going to add, but I just looked at the website and they changed it.....NOT a good change. It used to allow you to search on a specific caliber of ammunition, type in your zip code, and see all the different offers ranked by total cost including shipping.... the change to the...
  18. What is your oldest gun?

    1889 Schmidt-Rubin purchased the rifle, along with the Bayonet, from a guy in Switzerland, from the Swiss Rifles forums. He mailed it and because it was an antique, no problem getting it shipped here. best is - no import marks !!!
  19. where in NH can one get black powder

    another place to look online is ""
  20. where in NH can one get black powder

    be careful when someone says that a place has Black Powder - most often I have found that when I get there or as in my case, had someone pick up some for me, it's either Pyrodex or Triple-7 black powder substitutes, and NOT the "real" Black Powder . There's a place in Pepperell I believe , in...
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