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  1. Terror Attack in London

  2. Not sure of the validity but, there you go.

    Color me skeptical.... I believe this would have been out el pronto if this was known by the PD, the lateness of it has me thinking it's an attempt to cover up/justify. Time will tell I guess
  3. Gibbz Arms going after Magpul on Patent Infringement......

    Reading it through, I don't think they(Gibbz) will ultimately have a case but will likely throw some cold water on the after market parts.... 2 of my customers have already received cease and desist orders from Gibbz attorneys...
  4. NH Alert! The DoS Has Changed the P&R License Application Form!**UPDATE POST 406

    This was something I posted to FB on 9/10, I emailed and made a few phone calls on this well and while a couple acknowledged my inquiry, he went out of his way to call me

    Your point is noted on free business but this is being done via .gov coercion
  6. Not liking UPS this AM

    Use UPS My Choice and have your packages held, pick them up at your convenience NO charge to have to held at the pick up facitlity
  7. Not liking UPS this AM

    So let's see...USPS. suck, UPS, suck, suck, FEDEX, suck, suck, suck Running low on options.
  8. Pepper Spray = Grounds for Termination

    The answer to that is "You don't have to be here. You make a choice to come into this building, as such, you know the rules, you make the choice" Personally, I'd be elsewhere but I know that isn't always a possible choice for some
  9. Please educate me - why are these not for sale in MA?

    Because Martha says so /thread
  10. Police activity/gunfire in Brentwood, NH

    That's what happens when you don;t clean them [smile]
  11. Police activity/gunfire in Brentwood, NH

    News Conference scheduled for 10:15
  12. Police activity/gunfire in Brentwood, NH

    Valley Patriot via FB
  13. Police activity/gunfire in Brentwood, NH

    It was many minutes later before the FD got down to it, at least 10, or so it seemed anyway And that house burned for many minutes before the explosion
  14. Police activity/gunfire in Brentwood, NH

    That's unknown at this point BUT the cops seemed to know to not approach, they wouldn't let the FD in either, so they knew something
  15. This is how bad the .22LR shortage has become

    define good prices, that is a moving target depending on who's buying
  16. Gun Range Jerks...

  17. Layoffs at Savage Arms.....

    Sig just had some layoffs too from what I've heard
  18. secret guns

    nope, she has shot them all.....and made a couple of choices of her own
  19. FFL Transfer Problem

    As I'm SURE we do not know all of the facts here, I think it would be pretty easy to argue that after the "accident", there was a certain amount of shock that set such, it becomes possible to say he did what he did because he was not thinking clearly, he was in shock...... Now, in the...
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