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  1. Glock 19 Holster

    you could get this on Amazon. Works for IWB and OWB I have some of their holsters and they are top notch
  2. Anyone know of a dealer that stocks Streamlight stuff?

    Try mike Briggs
  3. Glock sight pusher

    Anyone have a glock sight pusher I could use? Located in Wakefield Thanks
  4. Assisted Knives

    Great input guys. Other than kershaw ans scog anyone carry something different?
  5. Assisted Knives

    Looking for an assisted opening knife. Any one have any experience with ZT knives? They are pretty expensive not sure if they are worth it. Any input is appreciated
  6. SIG academy... Really?

    Just had a class with Todd rassa this past weekend. Great instructor, I'm sure you will benefit from it wether its zombies or just regular silouehts techniques don't change
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