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  1. Basement Storage for guns and ammo

    I'm losing my conditioned air storage and I'm looking for your best solutions to keep the firearms rust free and the ammo fresh in the basement. Basement situation: typical New England poured concrete, unfinished, It's dry and passively heated with forced hot water pipes routed up into the...
  2. EVERY SHOOTER Should Get a C&R FFL!

    For C&R - I have a change of address coming up - is there an address change notification process like MA requires for LTC? I've been digging around the ATF site, don't see anything so far.
  3. WTS Sturdy Safe: 36"w 27"D 72"h

    For Sale: Sturdy Safe: 36"w 27"D 72"h. $1,500. As configured, this is a $4,600 safe. This safe has 55 5 star reviews. The build quality is fantastic. Safe is in like new condition. This is the exact model. The safe weighs almost 1,300 pounds...
  4. ARFCOM is down, booted from GoDaddy

    What is the plan for site owners that get booted? No big name cloud hosters, no big brand domain services, no app store hosting, what damage can the Comcasts and Verizons of the world do?
  5. Letter of personal reference

    Here. We all need to stick together vs making this shit hard on each other. I've used this six times already, same town. Chief xxxxx address xxxxxx Your name and address Chief xxxxxxxxx, I am writing on behalf of xxxxxxxxxx who is applying for his unrestricted License to Carry. I have...
  6. A week befor they shut the rages down.

    Looks fun. For the non-mil surp savvy, what rifle is that?
  7. What are you doing, GunBroker sellers?

    Swiped as in the CC company keeps the transactional dollars as an FU for breaking their rules or just kicked back to your account minus fees, etc?
  8. What to do with my guns, Sell or keep/ plan for the future

    I think the stuff you have not rebought in 10 years is a good indicator that you don't "want/need" them. Living in debt sucks and you are not alone. Clearing some debt does wonders for you overall happiness. I say move some hardware. I would put your collection into a couple of list of 1. what...
  9. new bills in Mass

    This messes with the clay shooters - maybe the catalyst that unites.
  10. Gunroom

    I recall 2 stories. The guy in Lowell who got rung up with a locked room as a gun room and the dude with the flimsy lock on the closet door that got rung up. Case law in first link: Building a gun room bedroom closet for locked gun storage Storing firearms in a locked room
  11. Homemade shotgun turned in at gun buyback event in San Francisco

    Oh it definitely did! Absolutly classic.
  12. The MA licensing project

    I'm working on three new ones - it's a long game on these three. I did help one other last year. I think a nice side effect of this is also establishing a good network for these BS letters we have to ask for every 5 years to accompany our application.
  13. This man is a hero...

    Dude is on point and we need more like him. Articulate and not afraid to speak his mind.
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