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  1. Can someone please explain this?

    That is a factory Hornady .300 BO case separated extremely cleanly after firing. The other piece is in the chamber, hopefully you can see. It was a 110gr V Max round @2350 FPS fired from a YHM 10.5" upper. This happened once last night, and once tonight. I have never seen this happen in my...
  2. Prewar Walther PP

    Im a bit of noob on milsurp stuff, but after extensive googling and questioning (thanks Matt!) I wanted to show some pics of my prewar Walther PP. Im pretty sure its from 1935, but if anyone can add more info please do.
  3. Fishing today out of Wellfleet Harbor......

    I went out fishing today out of Wellfleet Harbor, with about 18 other morons. We had 3 boats between us to choose from. One choice was the F/V Columbia, and using my keen eyesight, I noticed a young female deck mate ( yes she was hot, no I didnt take pictures lol) wearing a black sweatshirt that...
  4. Chemical plant explosion in Spain

    I dont know to post a linky, sorry. But holy shit.
  5. An oddball .25 pistol

    Anyone familiar with this little .25? Ive done a bit of the google, but looking for the expertise here.
  6. My dads Marlin and 1776 Gunsmithing

    My dad gave me his Marlin Model 80 .22 rifle when I was 16, he had bought it brand new in 1961. He died at 52 years old 2 years later. We shot countless rounds through it together, and it was the best shooting experience of my life. If my entire collection got stolen today, I wouldnt give a...
  7. Epic Colorado car chase

    God god that was hilarious. It looked like Jesse from Breaking Bad.
  8. Free ammo

    Doing some cleaning, and have some ammo that I have absolutely zero use for. It all looks serviceable to me. Can be picked up in Mansfield or Canton. 7X57- 160 rounds 7.5X54 French-120 rounds 7.62 Carbine- 50 rounds 7.63 Mauser pistol- 200 rounds
  9. Marlin model 39A .22 rifle

    Looking for someone who knows Marlin rifles? I have a Marlin model 39A. No cross hammer safety, and the trigger is not gold. The SN# is M4411. Anyone have an idea on how I can find the manufacture date?
  10. Thought everyone could use a chuckle..

    Just got back from recovering this, I cant give any details, but the only thing hurt were my olfactory senses. In fact you could say they were butthurt. I figure its better than a lot of the other LE pics and vids lately ha ha ha. Have at it............
  11. On the rare occasion I was able to take my eyes off

    The female skater for the US, and take notice of her partner, did anyone else find it funny he was wearing a faux shoulder rig?
  12. Home made or scenario targets

    Sorry if this is a dupe, I searched for a similar thread and came up short. Im looking to make some new style scenario style targets (shoot don't shoot, hostage etc) and wondering if there is a specific thread already or who wants to launch ideas and pictures etc. I recall a hostage style metal...
  13. Just took this accident report from an involved party at the window

    and the diagram is just awesome.
  14. Security camera systems, need help/advice

    Hey not sure if this has already been covered ad nauseum, if so I apologize. Im looking at outdoor security cameras, a system that has hard drive recording, IR capability, and is hard wired. Looking at whats out there online, they all seem a bit cheap. What kind of cameras/system is considered...
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