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  1. WWLP Poll... light this thing up

    Voted 82% for the good guys to 17% for the bad guys
  2. There are 3.2M AR-15's in civilian hands in the US

    237M NICS checks in the past 18 years ( and only 3.2M AR15's? That cannot be correct.
  3. Standard Times Poll on Assault Weapons

    Voted. 78% NO
  4. Utah non-resident cc, how long did it take

    Permit came in the mail! Got it around the 16th. Forgot to update this thread.
  5. are all sight pushers created equal?

    This is an article about how instead of using a file to make the sight fit correctly the author forced the sight on. The article makes no assessment to the quality of sight pushers.
  6. little old lady from pasadena...

    Hell yeah.
  7. Boston liquor store owner busted for assault weapon

    Never been on it and never will. This guy was an idiot for not knowing who had access to his office.... and for not firing the employee who broke into his office and touched his gun.
  8. Utah non-resident cc, how long did it take

    The wait continues....
  9. AR Optics

    I don't have any experience with a scope on an AR but the 1-4x sounds intriguing. In my experience a red dot is perfect for your stated objective. In your price range you can go close to top of the line and I shoot groups at 200 yds with 2 moa dot no problem. Obviously not as tight as it could...
  10. Utah non-resident cc, how long did it take

    Alright now I can't concentrate. My CC was billed the same day. I need to go home and check the mail!!!
  11. Rifle Length Battle Arms Development Sabertube Stock

    I ended up passing on it and put my money into a new rail and low pro gas block. Went with the carbine length fixed stock by magpul. About $35 stock versus $200. I'll post up my thoughts on the fixed magpul when I get it although I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with it already.
  12. Driver taking son to daycare shoots himself during road rage incident

    Agreed. There are four rules that need to be followed: (1) Gun is always loaded, (2) Don't put finger on trigger unless you are about to pull it, (3) Be sure of target and what is beyond it (4) Don't point muzzle at anything unless you intend to destroy it. Pretty basic but extremely important...
  13. Cops seize AR-15, military grade bullets in Paterson

    We will never know because the story isn't about why it was confiscated or from whom. The story is about a SCARY looking GUN!!!
  14. Providence area club recommendation

    Tiverton has indoor and outdoor and is accepting new members but it is a good 30 mins from providence.
  15. Rifle Length Battle Arms Development Sabertube Stock

    Looking at this stock: Anyone have any experience with it? It seems way overpriced but I want a minimalist fixed length stock and I like the look. The specs put it at 9.25" long. This is...
  16. Wedding announcement ettiquete

    This ^. Definitely a weird thing to do and obviously trolling for gifts. Maybe troll them back with an announcement of your birthday shortly after it passes?... Or not.
  17. Somerset Sportsman Club

    My father is a member and I go as a guest quite often. What happened to the 300 yd range? Doesn't seem to be a backstop anymore?
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