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  1. Florida Concealed License

    Florida does it right aapplied for license 6/28, license was approved 7/5 received 7/8.
  2. Need to be Fingerprinted by Law Enforcement Agencr

    Heading back to Florida end of the month hopefully can get fingerprinted there, the woman in Sumter county licensing office did say I would need a copy of NRA safety course certificate ( now to find it ). One man in the office said should be able to get resident ltc because we own a home there...
  3. First Build(s)

    Thank you Allen Patience is something I’ve been working on (for 70 years), Ive purchased the neces jigs, my skill level on a scale of 1-10 is probably a 3. Tommyc
  4. First Build(s)

    Now that I’m retired and have the time I’ve purchased several 80% lowers. My question is to you that have done this would you recommend a drill press or a mini milling machine? Any particular brand or model? Thanking you all in advance. Tommyc
  5. Stickers on cars

    On the rear window of my truck I proudly display the American flag, Pow Mia, Gasden flag & NRA and if it pisses off some leftist whiner so be it.
  6. What was Holder's single biggest failure?

    I love the way you think.
  7. Thank you Vets.

    Thank you Veterans
  8. Allen West gets some ink...and it's epic

    The way I see it he is a true patriot a real American hero, too bad our leaders in D.C. are not more like him.
  9. Ladies Day at the Range

    I can meet you wednesday morning please pm with location, FSTC what caliber/s do you need most ?
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