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  1. WTS Nighthawk Custom Warhawk 1911 45acp

    Price reduced $3,700
  2. WTS Nighthawk Custom Warhawk 1911 45acp

    Nighthawk Custom Warhawk 1911 45acp, Bull barrel, roll mark delete, square trigger, slide custom treatment, fiber optic sight, DLC coating, custom grips. eFA10 or FFL transfer your choice. All required laws followed. $4,500 obo.
  3. Hornady reloading press and accessories.

    Hornady AP press with die's for .308 / 7.62 and all accessories. Case tumbler with metallic media, washer and magnetic separator. Honey Badger Case Trimmer. Also about 3,000 fired brass. $1,750.00 obo.
  4. Wenham Museum Military History - Saturday, July 15 at 10 AM - 3 PM

    I will have my Scorpion Tank, the M16A1 Half Track (Quad 50) and my buddy's M3 Half Track there. Its a great event and looking forward to the Black Hawk landing, that should be cool.
  5. Military History Expo

    I will have some of my toys there including:
  6. Military History Expo

    I let kids on the Half Track and gave some rides, just be polite and ask first. It make a good photo op and FB posts for bragging rights on at school the following week ;)
  7. Military History Expo

    Its a great event, I took my Half track last year, plan on taking it again but with the Quad 50 mounted in by then. The replica Tiger Tank was there from the guys in NJ as well as plenty of flame thrower demo's including the Sherman spitting out flames.
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