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  1. HK-91 clones are legal in CT, right?

    Well actually, the HKs are on the list. But so is Colt AR-15... so I guess it's only the brand that matters. Unlike "ak-type" which bans them all. ...probably. HK-91 and HK-94. I was thinking 94, not 91. I want to do a little semi MP-5 thingy. I never see them around in CT, ever.
  2. HK-91 clones are legal in CT, right?

    Quick question, HK-91 / semi auto MP5 clones are legal in CT, right? I see them everywhere in other states, but never in CT. I'm wondering what the reason is for that.
  3. What could happen in this situation?

    Alright, so nothing new to me. Thanks.
  4. Registered NFA SBR/SBS immune to CT AWB?!

    California. Talk about making Russia look good.
  5. What could happen in this situation?

    Sorry for the hijack, but I've been out of state for a while. Newington gun has a nicer, larger store?! NGX was already THE BEST GUN STORE EVARRRRRRR (to be limited by ban state BS). Because y'now... gun stores in the south have better guns by default because of the laws.
  6. Registered NFA SBR/SBS immune to CT AWB?!

    Yeah, I don't think we'll know what the law is until a judge tells us when somebody goes to jail or gets off. I plan on not going under 12" because there's no way to know if it's legal. If you're a cop, go ahead and do it, nobody will ever even ask you if it's legal because in reality it's a...
  7. De-Ban selectfire, make C&R FFLs as useful as they should be

    The state is run by Democrats again, right? Good luck. Not likely for any individual freedom to go uninfringed under their watch.
  8. What if the threads aren't on the barrel?

    I meant the muzzle brakes that are quick detach mounts with threading on them.
  9. What if the threads aren't on the barrel?

    I keep seeing threads on permanently attached muzzlebrakes. I know that doesn't make it legal, but it is very common and is how people get silencers on their .223s and .308s in ban states. Considering that 8 out of 10 people on here will tell you that something that is legal is illegal...
  10. Pinning a collapsible stock

    A lot of people complain of facial hair getting caught in the Vltor stock. I recommend the RRA stock.
  11. carry while at the casino

    Well, you guys might never come in contact with the underbelly of the casino. But I wouldn't let your guard down there. The people in charge are the ones to not trust.
  12. carry while at the casino

    I cannot think of a place in this state, possibly the country, where I would feel less safe than the casinos. Really really seedy places, they are. Of course they don't want you to have guns there. I'd much rather be in a casino openly run by steriotypical italian american gangsters from the...
  13. Open Carry in CT? First I ever heard.

    This is true! I always wondered how hard it would be to avoid "brandishing", but I guess since open carry is legal, that'd mean actually shoving it in somebody's face or unholstering. You know... like a law... that is... reasonable.
  14. Open Carry in CT? First I ever heard.

    JBT in action! Hey look, a citizen. Better arrest him ASAP! Get him for Standing While Breathing with Intent to Live Peacefully.
  15. Registered NFA SBR/SBS immune to CT AWB?!

    Well, they wouldn't, because it's a lot more expensive. You can build a pre-ban gun on a $400 lower, or you can assemble an SBR just for the purpose of having pre-ban features. That's the cost of a lower, say $100, plus the $200 stamp, plus having to be Class 3 (ignore that), the cost of the...
  16. Open Carry in CT? First I ever heard.

    It's all legal to do, it's just up to whoever is ready to go do it first and spend some time in lockup and maybe get his gun back in a few months.
  17. Registered NFA SBR/SBS immune to CT AWB?!

    It's pretty funny stuff. And to clarify to anybody that thinks I think NFA trumps CT AWB, I do not think that. What I am wondering is, does an SBR qualify as a "Rifle" in Connecticut. I always figured it would, and it looks like it would, but shit if I know. I'm not doing it, because there's...
  18. Registered NFA SBR/SBS immune to CT AWB?!

    Yeah bud, I know the laws. I just didn't know if an SBR was considered a "rifle". I know people with a brain consider it one, I was talking about the government. Also, you might not have known, but anything with a barrel under 12" is considered a pistol by our state. The buttstock isn't...
  19. Registered NFA SBR/SBS immune to CT AWB?!

    The AWB reads something like "unless the firearm was made before 1994", so that part it fails. But shit, I'm clueless as to whether an SBR is a "rifle". Maybe it's an SBR, and maybe it's a "pistol" if the barrel is under 12". If it is considered a "pistol" then you're still stuck with all the...
  20. Registered NFA SBR/SBS immune to CT AWB?!

    Hey guys, I've heard from reliable sources that in Massachusetts a registered SBR is immune to their state level Assault Weapons Ban. I've heard the same about CT law from a class 3 dealer that had a 5" barreled SBR that may or may not [wink] have been very obviously not AWB compliant. The...
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