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  1. Does anyone have a Glock 42 with a grip extension that I can try for fit?

    I am looking for someone with a Glock 42 with a finger extension on the mag (from Pearce Grip or something similar), to try holding to see if it will fit my hand. I don't need to shoot it, just hold it. If you would be willing to let me do this, at a place and time of your choosing, please send...
  2. Cheap Non-Jacketed Factory 9mm For Glock?

    I would like to find some 9mm ammo I can shoot from a Glock at a range that does not allow jacketed bullets (copper washed or plated are OK). Ideally it would be OK in a glock factory barrel (i.e. not plain lead bullets; I'm not sure about copper plating), produced commercially and inexpensive...
  3. Indoor Range Near Boston That Allows Drawing From A Holster?

    Is there is a club or range reasonably close to Boston (1 hour) with an indoor range where drawing from a holster is allowed? It would also be nice to be able to place targets at shorter ranges e.g. 15 feet and to use jacketed ammo. Thanks for looking.
  4. Question for Anyone with a Mass Resident Alien Permit

    I have a Massachusetts "Resident Alien Permit to Possess a Non-large Capacity Rifle or Shotgun", like a FID for non-citizens. I have a question for other holders of this permit that I don't really want to post here now. If there is anyone else out there with one of these permits please send me a...
  5. Clark Custom 10/22

    Does anyone reasonably close to Boston have a Clark Custom 10/22 rifle I could take a look at? Thanks.
  6. Pepper Spray for Non-Citizens.

    I couldn't find anything on this by searching. I have an MA "Resident Alien Permit to Possess a Non-large Capacity Rifle or Shotgun". This is roughly equivalent to a FID for citizens, but I'm not sure whether it allows possession of pepper spray. The law (chapter 140 section 130H)...
  7. Stores with Marlin Model 60 in stock?

    I am considering buying a Marlin Model 60 and would like to look at one. Does anyone know of a gun store within striking distance of Boston (including southern NH, northern CT en route to NYC) that has some in stock? Ideally one of the synthetic stock models. Thanks!
  8. UK man convicted for turning in found gun to police

    Newspaper article: and the blog where I found it: I am embarrassed to be English. Just one more reason why I prefer...
  9. NRA Basic Rifle Class or Similar ?

    I would like to take an NRA Basic Rifle class, or something similar, reasonably close to Boston, but I can't find any scheduled. I could go to the Sig Sauer Academy for their Rifle/Carbine Orientation, but it is somewhat expensive and a long way away. Does anyone know where I can find a...
  10. NAS, CDC: There is no evidence that gun control works.

    I was reading "The Dirty Dozen" by Levy and Mellor about the worst US supreme court decisions and in the chapter about 2A I found the following: "In 2004 the National Academy of Sciences reviewed 253 journal articles, 99 books, 43 government publications, a survey of 80 gun-control measures...
  11. Supreme Court May Rule On Carry.

    Check this out: With carry and rosters being addressed at the federal level, along with "incorporation" of 2A, the horrible MA laws will hopefully be demolished by legal challenge in a few years time.
  12. Marlin Model 60 in Store ?

    I'm planning to get a Marlin Model 60 but I want to look at the different stocks before making a final decision. I'm down to the laminated, synthetic and carbon fiber options. Does anyone know any gun shops with one or more of these rifles on display? Thanks!
  13. Beware the man with only one gun - but which one?

    I'm a resident alien with a permit for a low capacity long gun only (like a FID). I want to buy one gun, because if the CRaPS act is passed in close to its current form my options will expand dramatically to include handguns and ARs. The question is, which gun to buy? Ideally it will be good for...
  14. Questions about IWB carry rig.

    I'm thinking about getting a tuckable IWB rig that would work for concealed carry and IDPA, but I have a few questions that someone can perhaps answer for me. One option is a leather rig e.g. the Workman from Mitch Rosen. However, the leather gun belts that I have seen were really thick, and...
  15. Long Gun Classes for Beginners?

    Can anyone recommend any long gun classes for beginners (some handgun experience) within reasonable distance of Boston? Has anyone taken the Sig Sauer Academy Rifle or Shotgun "Orientation" classes? Thanks!
  16. Low Capacity AR.

    I am a UK citizen and US permanent resident, with a Resident Alien firearms permit that limits me to owning low capacity rifles. I would like to shoot an AR-type rifle. As far as I can tell, the Bushmaster Carbon-15 Top Loader is a low capacity rifle under MA law. This gun has a permanently...
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