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  1. deer hunting zone 10

    I'm up on the North Shore and the only place I've ever seen people go is along 128, but not familiar with the woods. Some people recommended hunting along the Marshlands but not sure of regulations/rules with that. Granted, being 500ft away from a house and road is fine, but not sure who owns...
  2. Northeast Arms - Route 1 South in Peabody

    Got my first sidearm there, Canik TP9SF and the person helping me was very friendly as was another guy who helped me get ammo. Grew up hunting but not super familiar with sidearm and first time purchase can be intimidating. The person helping me showed me how to break everything down and...
  3. Couple questions from newer hunter

    Will probably go to the Marshes before the large bridge.
  4. Couple questions from newer hunter

    I did get a non resident Maine license this year and pulled a doe permit for where my father lives, so will be spending as much time up there as possible.
  5. MA green sticker for fall turkey hunting

    Legitimate question - why can't we just use one of these and draw a little turkey on it with a marker?
  6. Surplus Anterless Tags

    I'm surprised there's even any land left undeveloped on those islands to even shoot a deer. Property values are so high figure there'd be nowhere that's less than 500ft from a house
  7. Couple questions from newer hunter

    I'd like to hunt up in Gloucester. The city ordinance makes it sound like you just can't hunt on Good Harbour or Wingarshaek, doesn't say anything about all the other marshes. I don't know why it's so confusing to figure out where you can hunt in this state.
  8. Surplus Anterless Tags

    I checked today and the only 2 zones left were Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket lol.
  9. Couple questions from newer hunter

    I grew up hunting in Maine in my teens and early twenties. Only harvested one white-tail, a moose, and a handful of ducks and grouse. Been hunting over hundred times (but over 10+ years ago) and my father taught me proper safety but, life took over and years later I'm in my 30's now looking...
  10. MA green sticker for fall turkey hunting

    True, live and learn. Donation to the Turkey Relocators of MA fund.
  11. MA green sticker for fall turkey hunting

    I just got my license today and was reading through all the rules and regulations. Was planning to do some duck hunting for the first time in 2 decades this year around North Shore Cape Ann. Saw Turkey tags were only $5 so threw one in as I saw this was the last week of shotgun season. When I...
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