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  1. Basement Storage for guns and ammo

    I'm losing my conditioned air storage and I'm looking for your best solutions to keep the firearms rust free and the ammo fresh in the basement. Basement situation: typical New England poured concrete, unfinished, It's dry and passively heated with forced hot water pipes routed up into the...
  2. WTS Sturdy Safe: 36"w 27"D 72"h

    For Sale: Sturdy Safe: 36"w 27"D 72"h. $1,500. As configured, this is a $4,600 safe. This safe has 55 5 star reviews. The build quality is fantastic. Safe is in like new condition. This is the exact model. The safe weighs almost 1,300 pounds...
  3. Gun Safe in the Garage in New England

    I know this set up is suboptimal, but it's my only option. My question for the guys up here in the north east - have you done anything above and beyond to prevent safe and contents from getting rust? Garage has no climate controls. I'll have the safe against an interior wall and sitting on...
  4. seattle car chase and shootout

    gets real at @ 2:50
  5. Sighting AR - am i chasing my tail?

    I only get to run the AR a half dozen times per year and I feel like I'm always zeroing it. is this normal? I suspect it's because I'm running all different types of ammo and it's not usually the same stuff back to back and it's typically bulk federal, win, privi, etc. I'm running an Aimpoint...
  6. Tesla powerwall

    Has anyone else watched Elon Musk's keynote on solar/battery and tesla's new batteries to power your home/city/country/world? The in home batteries cost about the same as a high-end honda portable generator. What does the NES brain trust think about this...
  7. Guns and ammo save butterflies Barry wins as the greatest environmentalist of all time! Srsly, I didn't know anything about the pittman-robinson act, interesting read for me.
  8. Gunwars

    I happened to catch this site on a non-gun forum, poked around, and it looks interesting. I think a few of you will have a lot to say regarding this question [wink]. Make sure to "view all" questions as they want to get into background checks and gun show...
  9. P220 Magazines not dropping easily when pressing the release

    I have some older P220 factory mags that when empty need to pulled by the floor plate in conjunction with the release to be removed. I also have a brand new factory mag and another older mag that work as expected. I can't see anything protruding like grip screws that could cause the issue. Any...
  10. Ultimate soldier challenge - anyone watching?

    On history channel now.
  11. GloryHounds - Feb 21st - Set the DVR

    Anyone see the trailer for this yet? Looks good. Can't find the video online - they all seem to be on lock-down, but here's some good info: ten100tv » Glory Hounds ? (Animal Planet) Snip>> When Osama Bin Laden was killed, a military working dog was part of the team on the ground, working...
  12. Gadsden Flag stickers @ the Mobile on Montvale in Stoneham

    Like the title says, Gadsden Flag stickers for sale ($3.50ish?) @ the Mobile station on Montvale ave in Stoneham. I can't remember the last time I was in a gas station store as it's usually pay at the pump, but I needed change for the air machine and there they were--front and center staring you...
  13. Can you over-tension a mag?

    Cut and crammed a wolf spring for stock P220 into a Mec-Gar 220 Mag. Do I need to worry about over-tension issues or anything?
  14. WTF front sight

    Front sight of my LC9 walked to the right. I assume this a send back to Ruger to fix and to keep it from happening again? I'd rather not just tap back into place and hope it's "good" - thoughts?
  15. On CNN now, decent 2a debate

    "unscripted". pro 2a ex leo, gunshop owner holding his own.. channel 600 on Verizon..
  16. Machine Gun Expo OFASTS culminates in “Kill the Car,” a moment when every gun-wielding attendee takes aim at a free-wheeling, explosives-packed car rolling down a hillside. Within a minute, tens of thousands of bullets pepper the condemned beater. Heaps of empty...
  17. Giveaway - case of PMAGs

    Link is at the end of the fine print. Sorry MA guys....
  18. Sig open house for Machinist

    Caught this clicking through an email for their mini red dot. I think a couple of those chicks from the tattoo thread work there [grin]
  19. Wired Danger Room

    3D printer company pulls lease on 3D printed pistol project A couple other decent reads:
  20. Run, Hide, Fight: Houston Makes Workplace Shooting Survival Video

    On the news this evening...
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