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  1. Spousal non-approval advice sought

    I agree, take her shooting, let her shoot a 22 with a 40x scope at 50 yards and pray to god she hits a bunch of bulls eyes, then convince her how much better she is than you[smile] and then there will be two gun enthusiasts in your house. At the least she might appreciate your interest in...
  2. cheytac m200

    Yep, they have have one... what an awesome gun!! a lot of gun for a lot of money.
  3. cheytac m200

    It looks like Forest and Field in Norwalk Ct, either has one (cheytac M200) or is on it's way. I saw the ad on guns america, I am going down there today to see if it's actually there. Does anyone have one? reviews?
  4. AK-74?

    I read somewhere that the old barrels of the tantals with problems, would not have issues as long as the mil-surp rounds were used (53 grain), the heavier wolf (70 grain) or other brands were the ones that produced the keyholes consistently.
  5. AK-74?

    I have 2 tantals, not from kits. The barrel problem is apparently an old problem which would cause the bullets to keyhole or tumble before impact. I have had no problems with mine and the ammo is so cheap it really makes them worth buying. Another ak-74 that I like is the Sar2 if you can find...
  6. Assault rifle legality question

    the VZ 58 is the ONLY 7.62 Ak'ish I have found that is legal, I have 2 and absolutely love them. Mags aren't cheap but it is as close to a real AK as you'll get in CT in that caliber. It only looks like an Ak in form, the rest is different. JO JO's in southington has a ton of mags...
  7. Assault rifle legality question

    I know the saiga thing is silly, I own several Ak variants and have no problem with them, I wanted to convert the saiga as many do I just did not have the time to do it myself, so as I was making my rounds I asked a few guys at he shops if they would do it for me, and you would have thought...
  8. Assault rifle legality question

    No I can't, I have only hear say. The great thing about these laws is no one seems to understand them, and fewer people will commit to their meaning, I have friends of mine who have had Ak 74 variants returned because the dealer thought they were illegal? And yet I have purchased the same guns...
  9. Assault rifle legality question

    I believe anything chambered in 7.62 x 39 with parts that are interchangeable with a real AK are not legal in CT, have you seen a siaga chambered in 7.62 x 39 in CT? .308s and .223s a plenty, but no 7.62. I believe you would have a hard time finding a dealer who would do the transfer...
  10. Assault rifle legality question

    a nice compromise is the CZ VZ-58 if you must have that caliber, it is the only gun besides an SKS that I know of that shoots 7.62 x 39 that is legal in CT. and it's a great rifle.
  11. 82cq legal in CT?

    I read linked article and it lists the 82a1 by name in the banned assault rifle group in Ct. I am not sure but I believe this is relevant even now? And I believe I read that AP rounds in CT are a no no? If I am wrong I am open to...
  12. 82cq legal in CT?

    Would anyone know if the barrett 82cq is legal in CT, being a variant of the 82a1 which I believe is illegal, I wondered if the cq configuration would be banned as well?
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