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  1. M&P 2.0 9mm APEX

    Just got the now MA compliant M&P 2.0 9mm 5 Inch version. then after about 600 rds put in the 2.0 Apex trigger (100-126). I'm getting 6.5-7 lbs of weight on the trigger which is about what i was getting before. anyone else put this kit in? If so what pull weights are you getting? they are...
  2. Millett DMS-2 Question

    Does anyone have experience with the Millett Tactical BK81624 Designated Marksman DMS-2 1-6x 24mm Illuminated BCR-1 Reticle Riflescope, Matte Black? I have had one for about a year on my 18" MSR. I typically shoot 100 yds with it, occasionally out to 300. It is illuminated but for some reason...
  3. Australian Outback Ammo .223 69gr

    I'm looking for a good local (New England Area) source for Australian Outback Ammo .223 in the 69gr. I bought several boxes at Cabelas on sale about 6 Months ago. Have been doing some testing with different brands/bullet weights for my 18" AR build. It's a black hole weaponry SPR barrel and it...
  4. Mass MSR's Private Party

    I have been seeing a lot of for sale and trade MSR's online. Are people successfully FA-10ing these private party? Seems risky at this point until further clarification or am I missing something?
  5. Pending Form 1

    Anyone in MA have a pending Form 1 for sbr submitted b4 this whole AG mess?
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