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  1. HK-91 clones are legal in CT, right?

    Quick question, HK-91 / semi auto MP5 clones are legal in CT, right? I see them everywhere in other states, but never in CT. I'm wondering what the reason is for that.
  2. Registered NFA SBR/SBS immune to CT AWB?!

    Hey guys, I've heard from reliable sources that in Massachusetts a registered SBR is immune to their state level Assault Weapons Ban. I've heard the same about CT law from a class 3 dealer that had a 5" barreled SBR that may or may not [wink] have been very obviously not AWB compliant. The...
  3. CT Storage law for ammo, primers, powder?

    Is there any law stating how a person must store ammo, primers, or powder? How about a law stating how many rounds, primers, or pounds of powder can be owned? I've searched the forum and it seems RI has a limit on powder and MA has a limit on everything, including walking while chewing bubblegum.
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