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  1. Our Son Passed Away On Friday

    Words cannot express my condolences, please take care of yourself.
  2. Range Day G43, P365, XDS, Shield Comparison

    I have the same group of pistols and the exact same preference, great minds think alike.
  3. Karma: (Winner is PJ150) Take a friend shooting | 500 rounds of .22

    In if I win I will take my liberal friend who has been showing some interest in learning about guns and asked me last night when we could go to the sandpit near our place.
  4. Sig P938 owners. Ever had failure to eject?

    Shot my buddy's a few weeks ago which was his first purchase after getting his LTC, he had the issue consistently but I never did. I was wondering if he was limp wristing it but it didn't seem to be the issue, I thought it might just need some cleaning and lube. My other time shooting one was...
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