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  1. Chinese Man Sentenced for Possession of a Machine Gun

    Yes, very curious what the back story is on that one.
  2. How quickly will secession talks start?

    NOW IS THE TIME TO BE A PATRIOT! Spread this link as widely as possible: Facebook. Twitter. ect
  3. How quickly will secession talks start?

    Utah is looking good.
  4. FEDS setting traps on facebook now?

    Facebook IS a trap. Like the gov't doesn't control every inch of that sorry excuse for a website. Same goes for Google, Twitter, ect.
  5. Minneapolis Residents Form Militias

    Yes. That's true. Perhaps a test? A training? References? I believe it's not insurmountable. If a committee was put together to brainstorm possible pitfalls, we could probably come up with a common strategy that could be deployed to all states. Maybe one already exists? Like a template to follow...
  6. The FEDS are running guns into the inner city.

    Look no further! The white supremacists have been found! View: So BLM and Antifa have been hoodwinked. Their peaceful protests were sabotaged by white supremascists. All the stores that were broken into, buildings burned, cops...
  7. The FEDS are running guns into the inner city.

    Oh, was he joking? Sorry, I'm kinda dense with the sarcasm.
  8. The FEDS are running guns into the inner city.

    To be honest, I have never met a white supremascist in my entire life. I remember in the 90s it was in fashion to be a skin head. Everyone dressed like a skin head. This was before the internet and people didn't realize that skin heads were tied to raciscm. As soon as everyone found that out...
  9. The FEDS are running guns into the inner city.

    That's where I live, and I don't see white supremecists anywhere. What I do see is tons of radical left-wing communists who hate white people and LOVE black, brown, and yellow people. They are extremely racist, they just don't know it. I believe in treating all humans equally. I don't care about...
  10. Two gunmen are shot dead in church by brother of South African rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen as they tried to rob the congregation

    Has anyone noticed that the media hasn't been "chicken littling" lately about mass shootings? What happened to all the mass shootings? For 3 years straight all we heard about were mass shootings, and now there hasn't been one for a long time. What's up with that? Is the NWO too busy with race...
  11. The FEDS are running guns into the inner city.

    To be honest, I don't think there are white supremacists. Where are they? I've never met one. I've met a lot of racist left-wing liberals that want to kill white people. I have had crazy liberals attack me because of the color of my skin. I've been fired from a job for being white. I have never...
  12. Minneapolis Residents Form Militias

    I would like to see militias form in all states. Non-governmental militias. The Constitution recommends this.
  13. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    That's a beautiful thing.
  14. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    I'd like to see them give George Soros the Roger Stone treatment. Funny how that never happens.
  15. COG question

    One complaint I have with Trump is that he hasn't unsigned executive orders. I see that as the low hanging fruit. My first day in office every kingbama executive order would have been unsigned. I would love to see what kind of field day NPR would have with that material. Better than the 4th of...
  16. COG question

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