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  1. Aiming for zero 2022?

    Usually the first match of the year is ran as an IDPA/USPSA hybrid match, with IDPA scoring and mag limits. The fall match last year was ran as a normal USPSA match with HF scoring.
  2. ATF intends to reclassify and ban "armor piercing" ammo including M855

    Thanks, lets hope many more people do this.
  3. ATF intends to reclassify and ban "armor piercing" ammo including M855

    Lets get on the offensive people, and petition this shit. Petition for m855 Petition for 7N6 And spam all the forums you...
  4. With the threat of a M855 Ban looming, its appropriate to petition the 7N6 ban too.

    WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO:Revoke BATFE ban on 7N6 AmmunitionRevoke BATFE ban on 7N6 Ammunition The ban on 7N6 does not meet BATFE's definition of AP (armor piercing) ammunition. First, a little background. The following is that definition: “(i) a projectile or projectile core which...
  5. Petition the M855 Ban!

    Nope, Mass allows AP ammo for possesion, transportation ect. (For now anyways....) - - - Updated - - - I think revolution is coming, and they (.gov) is softening up the target, i feel i should add.......
  6. Petition the M855 Ban!

    We need to draw a line in the sand NOW. They know they cannot take our guns, so they are taking our ammo, and enacting backdoor gun control. Contact your reps and senators, tell them to stop this ASAP. Sign...
  7. Value of a LNIB Desert Eagle in MA? (Israeli .44 mag, Brushed Chrome made in 2012)

    Was wondering what the value would be, as i know this is one of the very few desert eagles in MA that are post ban. (bought from tackle unlimited in stoughton, never knew the gun was non compliant untill some time after i bought it, and the seller passed away) Not selling it atm, just wondering...
  8. Remington 700 advice

    oh ok :) Even though i am young, im not all that into internet lingo.
  9. Has anyone got a MG liscense in Brockton lately?

    And my Mother and father are getting thier liscenses, when im 21 ill apply if they are successful. And being a retard who is even more so retarded when i have money in my hands, i probably wouldnt be afraid to drop 20k on a gun that goes pew pew pew really fast if i had the chance :) Plus its a...
  10. Has anyone got a MG liscense in Brockton lately?

    Well, some of them still need thier other greencard regardless ;) And Warren Ave/Green St./Clinton St./ Almost every street in Brockton is a public shooting range, and you dont need any liscence/membership or MA compliant gun for that matter xD
  11. Remington 700 advice

    lol ^^^ sorry if is too long, have alot of questions ;)
  12. Can anyone tell me about the Steyr AUG? Upsides? Downsides?

    DO IT!!! post pics please :) If you do get one.
  13. Remington 700 advice

    I wanted to start a project that i will start and complete when the funds allow, probably over the next year or 2. I wanted to build/have built for me a prescision long range rifle for target/SHTF (we know the zombies are coming ;) ), and accuracy/duribility is important to me alot, I dont want...
  14. Has anyone got a MG liscense in Brockton lately?

    The guys at GFA arms in Natick said that the licensing officer in Brockton gave out a few green cards in 2013 and 2014 so far, is this true? My whole family is about to apply for their green cards if that is the case :) We all have our C&R so i wouldn't think of a reason why we couldn't get our...
  15. Most fun gun to shoot

    My Favorite- Rifle: My Romanian AKM Pistol: .44 Desert Eagle Shotgun: Vepr 12 Going to go to HSC for trap night today, and will be shooting my Vepr 12!
  16. What did you do to your firearm today.

    i cuddled with my guns :) took them out the safe, as they must`ve been lonely without me :)))
  17. Best police sidearm

    im not a cop, but if a was i would want to carry either a usp45, (for looks/power/reliability) or a glock 17 or berretta 92fs, as they are very very reliable.
  18. SWFA SS 10X any good for R700?

    No help? :(
  19. Scope/RDS for Desert Eagle

    Any good recomendations for a scope/rds for desert eagle, something cheap, thatll take the recoil, and will give me more accuracy? (the gun is 5 lbs loaded, so i figured why not add another 2 pounds or so! LOL)
  20. SWFA SS 10X any good for R700?

    Hello!, i plan to do some medium range shooting, mostly 300 yard shooting, but occasional 500-600 yard shooting, and was wondering if the swfa ss is any good for that sort of shooting. I figured a fixed power would be good, so i dont have to worry about the FFP/SFP crap, and ive heard decent...
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