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  1. M240

    I tried Manchester and they didnt have one - - - Updated - - - I was in the Marine Corps, I would never cheat down
  2. M240

    Does anyone know of a range that rents an M240?
  3. Gun show

    What are the best shows to go to in or near mass?
  4. SBR questions

    I called the chief in my town to schedule a meeting to make sure he'll sign off. If he will, I am going to buy the upper and figure out what I am going to put it on later.
  5. SBR questions

    I think it would be cheaper and much less of a headache to just move to NH...
  6. SBR questions

    My head is going to explode with all these stupid rules...So I can legally purchase an mk18 upper with no issues. It isn't until I am ready to attach it to a lower that it becomes an NFA item and would then require a Form 1 and CLEO signature to make it a legal to possess because it is then...
  7. SBR questions

    The company said that they can only send NFA items to FFL/SOT holders.
  8. SBR questions

    I have been reading the posts about purchasing an SBR in MA and I am very confused. I want to buy an Daniel Defense MK18. It comes from the factory as an SBR. I need to fill out the Form 1, have the Chief sign off on it, mail it in and wait. Do I need to declare what I am purchasing ahead of...
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