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  1. Decent 5 person tent for camping with kids.

    For backyard use with kids, I’d just get a Coleman tent or something off of Amazon in that price range. And like bfm said, get a footprint for it or a tarp. If you get a tarp, make sure it fits the tent perfectly or a little smaller. If the tarp is bigger than the tent, the rain will puddle...
  2. My new ringtone!

    It sounded like kids doing a voiceover until I listened to some other lynx videos.
  3. What have you seen lately?

    Not the best of sightings but I’m seeing more dead deer by the side of the highways. I’m guessing the rut started recently?
  4. Anyone into eating beaver?

    I can’t even read the word without this popping into my head.... View:
  5. Phillip’s Wild Game Butcher Shop Ordered Closed By Health Dept

    Seems legit. He was taking in people's fresh deer, holding on to it too long, not refrigerating it properly and giving them back spoiled rotten meat.
  6. Pulled the sd card on one of my cameras this morning.

    We're on the same page regarding the safety of your own dogs, they come first, so does livestock, family etc obviously. When you're posting on a regional forum, you might want to tell people that you're hundreds of miles outside of that region so they can get a clearer perspective about your...
  7. Pulled the sd card on one of my cameras this morning.

    So if these dogs, who may be abandoned or some kids pets, wander onto your property again, you'll kill them. How about calling one of the rescue agencies out there instead. Heck there are even pit bull specific rescue people out there.
  8. Footwear thread

    I know they're not high end by any means but my Hi Tec Yeti 200's have been serving me well for years. They're the most comfortable "real shoe" that I own aside from sandals, slides etc. With Hi Tec's, you have to avoid the lower priced models, they're just not comfortable. These have 200g of...
  9. Check this out.

    That's 2017's most delicious Darwin Award winner right there.
  10. Rare white moose in Sweden.

    Was she Karving her initials on the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge - her brother-in-law?
  11. Red Fox is after my chickens - guidance needed

    I'm gonna stick yo face in some dough, and make some gorilla cookies
  12. Best caliber for deer?

    Sword hunted deer always taste the best [wink]
  13. looking forward to Blue Hills deer hunt?

    This link with the winning customer ID numbers is live: Hopefully someone here won.
  14. looking forward to Blue Hills deer hunt?

    Look at those pictures, literally herds of deer. Unbelievable.
  15. looking forward to Blue Hills deer hunt?

    Just FYI because I don't see it posted, here's the site for information about the hunt: And the deer management plan...
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