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  1. 1st purchase dealer or ftf?

    One is cheaper and faster..
  2. Favorite Canik model?

    the one thats still in the case
  3. A new Sig P365 variant

    Looks interesting. Those sights have been around for awhile. No one really bought them so I am sure they got a great deal. TBH whenever I see a company just blasting out new gun after new gun. I know they aren't R&Ding/Testing/QCing near enough. Its been showing in there product reliability lately.
  4. Security Pulls Gun On Uniformed Cop Who Wouldn't Disarm In Gun Free Zone

    Disarmed? Yeah I said ex LE or Military.. not ex delta or something. He prolly drove a truck for the guard. What I am saying is they are told in training.. City or State LE are not allowed on property with a firearm unless you called them there. He just handled it poorly, but acting like he has...
  5. Security Pulls Gun On Uniformed Cop Who Wouldn't Disarm In Gun Free Zone

    Yeah he isn't a cop..he is a DHS PSO most definitely a retired LE or Military, and his Use of Force is actually a lot broader depending on the building. They are protecting Federal Agents, Politicians, Federal Judges, Federal Prosecutors, FBI Analysts, CIA Analysts etc in a lot of these...
  6. NRA Reportedly $10.8 Million in Debt, Cutting Spending

    Ill sign back up when they can no longer afford 43 tons of junkmail a month.
  7. Drawing Attention Away From Your Concealed Carry Gun

    IMO an Apex Predator sees a goof carrying a gun. He think to himself, after I roll this dude I get his wallet.. and a gun. Just guessing though.
  8. Cocaine Mitch better not screw us...

    Prolly because he loves cocaine. As I'm sure 85% of the people in Washington do. Money/Power and cocaine are like peanut butter and jelly.
  9. target sports usa

    They are in active lawsuit with Healy over her ammo shipping bullshit for that they will always get my business. They are GTG all day.
  10. Toolbags at the range today..

    Teaching your kid to acquiesce to some tool who is making up his own rules is not my thing.. standing up for yourself when you know you are right and it is reasonable to do so is an important lesson. Ill fix this thread. "I showed up to the range on a beautiful day with my kid ready to shoot...
  11. Toolbags at the range today..

    So a guy is making up stupid rules that are incorrect and your going along with it? ... but he's the douche? lol I've run across this many times at ranges. A simple go f*** yourself then start shooting anyway usually remedies it one way or another.
  12. front pocket pistol recommendations

    Ur cute. Not sure why you are attacking me for a pretty relevant opinion. Experience and technical skill matters when giving advice... no? Its ok though Ill play along. Your whole post is incorrect and off base. 1. I'm not a cop.. I work for DHS in an armed capacity via contract. 2. Ladies...
  13. front pocket pistol recommendations

    Its not on the list... whatever that means.
  14. front pocket pistol recommendations

    Never understood these threads. Everyone is just gonna tell you what horrible gun they carry. You have no reference of how good they are at shooting, if they know what they are talking about etc. A small synopsis on who you are and why you carry what you carry would be a bit more helpful and...
  15. MK18 mod 0 barrel

    Colt, DD, Noveske all make good stuff. DD is very overgassed if you buy a whole upper. Id go BCM.
  16. Benchmade Destroying Guns

    I bought an Al Mar and haven't looked back. As far as Surefire it is hard to completely cut them out as they corner certain markets pretty well and I am not at the point yet where I won't buy any of their stuff. I will say every Streamlight product I or my agency uses has been perfectly...
  17. Benchmade Destroying Guns

    So I've bought 2 Benchmade knives over the years both were returned to BladeHQ cause they were wobbly pieces of shit right out of the box. I called Benchmade both times and both times "Send it back to this address". No sorry for the QC blunder, no prepaid label, nothing. Like I bought a $200...
  18. This Gun Is Making a Comeback: Walther PPK Is One Again in Production

    Trying to wrap my head around the multiple posts that are saying a .380 pistol that weighs more than a G26 is "Snappy". Its like shooting a water pistol. The PPK was a GREAT handgun.. in 1935.
  19. Best Production 1911 Readily Available in MA?

    I run a full custom and haven't really messed with too many production 1911s myself. IMO any production 1911 in that price range needs work for it to be something I would want to carry/shoot a lot. A buddy of mine on Springfield TR team has a stock S&W 1911 with over 10k rounds on it. Seems...
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