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  1. New to concealed carry

    Home depot was my first real carry experience,thats funny,must be a testostrone thing
  2. New to concealed carry

    I have been allowed a LTC in the city I live,I feel very fortunate to receive this,looking at threads on this site I realize that we in some areas of mass. are dictated the right to defend ourselves and our families by the aboves that parent us to what is right and wrong for us to do. As a...
  3. New folks check in and say HI #2

    Thanks for the welcoming,look forward to contributing to the site.
  4. New folks check in and say HI #2

    Hello all,It's great to join a community that has the same thoughts of our greatest right. I am new to concelled carry,and would like any input on it. hope to talk to all and make some friends.
  5. Four Seasons Firearms, Woburn, MA

    Four seasons I bought my first firearm there,they were very friendly and treated me very well ,knowing I had little knowledge with firearms,love that store.
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