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  1. its longer than 4" and shorter than 6"...

    It shows some holster wear. Or that might be pillow wear, they look the same.
  2. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    Nothing can be made to be idiot proof because idiots are so damned ingenious.
  3. Places to shoot outdoors in NH

    I’ve shot with lots of cops. For the most part, those that competed in USPSA matches were better than me, but, unfortunately, most others were so bad the safest place to stand was if front of them. And they could never understand how they could be beaten by a guy who fixes gym equipment (not me).
  4. Places to shoot outdoors in NH

    Really, someone who has been a member of this group for two days asking us to share our most precious secrets with them. People are justifiably concerned about sharing secrets with people they do not know, especially when those people may be law enforcement pretending to be normal joes.
  5. NH Non-resident wait

    The bill made it to the govenor’s desk. After some delay, he vetoed it. Unfortunately for him, I will not forget this betrayal in the next primary.
  6. Private range southern NH

    I was refering to the first year dues + initiation fee. That is the cost for a new member to get to see what is or is not permitted. I have been approached every time ( 5 or 6 ) that I've been shooting in the pistol pits with my son or daughter.
  7. Private range southern NH

    Parts of that description sounds like Pelham. I always liked Pelham, but there are far too many range nazis there. They do require a sponsor to join, but if you don’t know one, a member of the board will sponsor you. At least that was the way when I joined many years ago. Unfortunatly, they do...
  8. "5X Brass Bucket"

    Or until I lose it. And I lose 100 times more than split.
  9. Email list because fascistbook removed us from their platform

    Why do people continue to use that radical, left wing, fascist piece of crap site?
  10. BLM Protests Overwhelming Peaceful

    What a crock of shit.
  11. 2021 Spring Walls of Steel - Round/Stage count?

    Unless there have been recent rule changes, there are no reshoots at Walls of Steel. After the beep, if you fire a shot you own the stage. If you just stand there with or without a silly/stupid look on your face, you can ask for a restart.
  12. 2021 Spring Walls of Steel - Round/Stage count?

    Round count is more like 25-30 per stage. I used to take 300 rounds, always brought more than 100 rounds home, but better to have extra and not need it, than to need it and not have it.
  13. Lost a good one tonight.

  14. Texas Governor Greg Abbot signs new gun law into effect 5/23/21

    It hasn’t hit his desk yet. He has pledged to sign it when it does.
  15. Old, broken, worthless gun? Get $100 or $200 for it at a buyback in Cambridge on June 12! $50 for ammunition.

    I’m gonna go and offer $250 for an AR to someone in the line.
  16. One tumbler to rule them all?

    Not possible, don’t have the time or inclination to take my presses apart. 😃 And I don’t have a camera that will focus close enough to see the step.
  17. High school seniors playing game called ‘senior assassin’ blacked out orange tip on air soft rifle to make it look like real firearm, Longmeadow PD

    My dad told me the same thing. Also told me that sympathy is in the dictionary, between tough and shit. What was wrong with our parents. 😁 But it was a different time when people didn’t freak out when all the kids were running around the neighborhood with guns. Long before airsoft.
  18. One tumbler to rule them all?

    The powder funnel fits in the powder drop which doesn’t come in the die set. You should be good to go. I just swapped out the Dillon funnel for the mr bullet feeder funnel.
  19. One tumbler to rule them all?

    The mr bullet feeder funnel has a slight step in it about .200 in before the bevel that is about the same diameter as the bullet so whe you place the bullet by hand it actually starts straight in the case instead of balancing on the bevel of the flair. You can get away with almost no...
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