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  1. WTS .45 LSWC 500 count 200 grain

    Box of 500 lead semi-wad cutter .45 ACP. $35.00 Pickup in Milford or Hopkinton.
  2. WTS Fender Stratocaster

    1992 MIM Fender Strat. Upgraded with Fender Jimmy Vaughn Tex Mex pickups. Good garage band guitar, has some blemishes and surface depressions. No case. $300 obo.
  3. WTT Looking for a cheap dirt bike

    Looking for a an older beater, 125cc and up. I have a really nice Yugo M24/47 8mm Mauser, a late 50's Winchester Model 70 semi auto .22 magazine fed, some guitars and amps, and some small outboards.
  4. WTS Ford F150 folding tonneau

    Went to a toolbox, no longer need. Off a 2010 short bed. Has a few small repairs. $80 obo. Trades are cool.
  5. WTS Peavey Bass Amp

    Looking to thin the herd a bit. Peavey Basic 50 Bass Amp. $100. I just installed a brand new factory speaker and barely used it since. Works great. 50 BMG for reference. Would consider gun stuff, small...
  6. WTS Mustang GT Pony Wheels

    From 91 GT Complete set of four in good shape. They are 4 lug, tires are old. $200 Would consider trades for anything interesting. more pics
  7. WTS Borg Warner Super T-10 4 speed trasnmission.

    Hi, I have a rebuilt Super T-10 4-speed out of a Corvette. I had it rebuilt, installed it, moved the car around the driveway, and ended up junking the car. I have the complete Corvette 4-speed shifter for this as well. $600 obo In Milford, MA
  8. What do you guys know about this Browning? Looks rare, never seen one with that type of sight.
  9. Collection of Pro 2A articles.

    A buddy of mine has been compiling them all in his blog so if you are looking for a particualr popular article, you can probably find it here. With all the activity in NES, threads have been moving off the first and second page by the end of the day so it's a good place to reference for info...
  10. For the firearm geek, $17k Linux powered rifle. More technology in it than the lunar module.
  11. NH resident flying out of Logan with a handgun.

    Trying to help out a friend who had this question: "I am planning to fly to Florida and will check my handgun in my check bag. I have the correct type of locked container since I have traveled from NH several times. The airline has confirmed they will check the unloaded gun. I just want to...
  12. Ever consider downsizing and consolidating your guns?

    I look in my safe and see a bunch of guns I don't shoot. Some haven't been out in years. I shoot once or twice a week, but usually the same guns. I currently have about 16 different calibers, which is a pain to keep in stock. Most are milsurps. I have been thinking of unloading a bunch of...
  13. Anyone get a new C&R lately?

    My renewal just came in and it has a little business card sized cutout. How long has that been in effect?
  14. Carjacker gets lit up by police.

    Happened last night. Story Looks like suicide by cop.
  15. What happens if you find a gun?

    If you find a gun in an alley and turn it in to the police, can you ever get possesion of it if it doesn't come up as stolen or used in a crime?
  16. FPS Russia

    For the uninitiated, young Russian guy that shoots/blows stuff up. One of my few You Tube subscriptions.
  17. Interesting Facebook update I just saw....

    "So as my husband put the shotgun in our SUV (going to see if he can sell it to the hunting store) I told him he should have put it out of case a car or truck going by sees it and thinks we are getting ready to rob a bank or something...he said don't worry about we went to...
  18. Anyone had issues with Tokarev ammo having hard primers?

    Both my Polish TT33 and my CZ52 were having issues today. The TTT33 had one or two FTF and the hammer had to be cocked manually with the second hit lighting it off. My CZ52 would cycle maybe 3 out of 7 rounds correctly. I had been shooting Norinco factory ammo and never had an issue, now I am...
  19. What has two thumbs and loves Brown Santa?

    This guy! The staple of all milsurp collections, Mosin Nagant 91/30 just showed up. Ishevsk arsenal, 1940 build date, all matching numbers. I was actually surprised at the matching bolt. The fit and finish is vastly different than my post-war M44. They obviously just needed to get them out...
  20. Ruger Air Magnum

    I was at my buddy's house for dinner and we were out on the back deck getting ready to grille some food while our wives were hanging out in the house. I couldn't help but notice the makeshift range he had set up out in the woods of various soda and beer cans at different elevations and...
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