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  1. Is Troy still bad??

    Didn't they hire they guy that killed Randy Weavers wife?
  2. Auto Ordnance 1911 for $420 @ fs

    Can you change the slide to get better sights?
  3. Call for ban on 'bump stocks'

    Looks like Linksys's bill is HD.4266 but the link is cold and cannot see the verbiage about the "high cap" magazine ban.
  4. Bruce Willis in remake of "Death Wish"

    No Wildey, No Care.
  5. Mass Update! Tasers, Suppressors, Repealing Assault Weapons Ban and More

    A verison of it passed in OR IIRC. The way H.3081 is written its to much minority report and taking people rights away without due process which is dangerous and not the road we should be going down. M.G.L. Chapter 123, Sections 12 (a) and 12 (b) can accomplish what they are seeking but they...
  6. Mass Update! Tasers, Suppressors, Repealing Assault Weapons Ban and More

    H.3081 redundant considering that M.G.L. Chapter 123, Sections 12 (a) and 12 (b) exists.
  7. Judiciary hearing today, anyone going?

    About to leave now to go. Can you get in after it starts? I probably won't make it there by 1pm.
  8. Reily's is empty and they have an amazing 9mm deals

    What happened to the bins of odd trinkets and loose holsters that used to be there? Rileys is cool, Shooters is not. I saw a decent deal on a handgun that was on the roster and asked the Shooters employee if they do transfers and they said we don't do transfers [rolleyes].
  9. LTC holder uses gun for self defense in Quincy, has LTC/gun(s) seized.

    Is there any legal ramifications for doing this? I mean if your getting jammed up wouldn't they accompany you to your domicile to take possession of your guns? Do they have any legal authority to demand the guns and would you even have time to give them to another LTC holder or store them out of...
  10. Magazine compatibility

    There are AR15/Mini14 mags. I think it was Ramline made them and pretty sure there were others.
  11. Worcester Gun Dealer Agrees to End Illegal Firearm Sales

    The T&G is a worthless paper. Surprised they don't have page view limits anymore.
  12. NSSF filed vs AGO!

  13. NYPD GLocks for rookies

    Do they still carry S&W DAO's like the 5946? I've seen recent photos of the NYPD cops with silver colored handguns in holsters so they must still allow them.
  14. AR 22 - pros cons?

    Just get a 10/22 and replace the stock with something better. I like the Magpul X22 stock.
  15. Bass Pro Shops buys Cabelas

    I mean Patriots BPS isn't close but it isn't on the other side of the moon either and if some planner/market analyst is looking at the numbers I'd think they'd shutter the place. Which would suck cause they are the only place I see that consistently has a big selection of 22LR in stock.
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