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  1. Any good feedback on these? TYT WALKIES/RADIOS

    Finally got what Iike to think is a decent set of radios/walkies from a friend for really cheap. I live in northern Worcester County. My friend said that the best way to set these up is with the cable that plugs into it, then into a PC or laptop via USB using the "Chirp" app?? Any other...
  2. Unbranded AR

    Was thinking about buying a forged steel AR from Unbranded. Anyone have any experience with their guns?! Just trying to get my.foot in the door with a good rifle at a decent enough price point.. So far from holding one in person and Watching their reviews I'm pretty much sold. Figured I'd ask...
  3. Scam artist alert

  4. Anyone convert their pistols to carbines?

    Anybody on here convert or have ever used the option of the MCK Ronis with their pistols? I know they're compatible with a quite a few makes and models.. Curious with what people have experienced with these before I even consider buying one...
  5. WTB PreBan p226 mags

    Curious to see if anyone has any pre ban sig p226 9mm mags.
  6. Any helium miners on here?!

    Just curious to hear feedback from other miners here in MA. Been wanting to dabble. Gonna be a little bit before I have the coin to pull the trigger how I would like but I have a general idea on what I want to do and sorta understanding how to do it. Been talking to alot of people on discord...
  7. Is my general hunting spot ruined?

    Nature called and my body had no choice but to answer... Yes, I took a shit in the woods but walked about 100 yards off the beating path and buried it. Is my general area of hunting ruined?!

    Good ole Smith and Wesson SW40VE A.K.A SIGMA. Put a spring in to reduce the trigger pull and it has a rubberized talon grip. 3 10rd mags. (Pictured below you'll see them side by side, one picture show the sigma before it had the talon grips put on. Also has a light and rail adapter) Make an...
  9. Hunters Saftey Course

    Anyone know of anyone in the northern worcester County that is holding any hunter safety courses?! I contacted the page on signing up to be on the waiting list to be informed. Just figured I'd ask...anxious to start hunting this year!!!...... hopefully
  10. J.C. Higgins Model 20 12g (missing ejector?)

    Hello. My names Tony. Relatively new member. Actually as I type this I am going to pay my dues to become an official member!! Hoping the people in the community can help me... I broke down my J.C. Higgins model 20 12ga and it seems like it's missing the actual ejector? (Hence the reason why I...
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