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  1. Any one having an issue with EFA10

    Just tried to do a FTF sale and the system would not proceed with an ‘invalid birthdate’ for the buyer although it was correct (and matched the info on the LTC validation that we did to double check) just wonder is others are seeing any issues today? The portal was very slow as well
  2. MA - SBR and FA-10

    Question to the NES braintrust After searching through the NFA forum can't seem to track down a thread with the info. Need to FA-10 my first SBR build. How is it classified under 'Type' - not a rifle, since it is less than 16" barrel (?) so - is there an 'other' option that can be...
  3. Are ARs and parts really going to be drying up?

    From TTAG a few moments ago: Seriously? Is anyone really seeing that out there locally? Didn't realize the freakout level was that high.
  4. 20% off Geissele products at Primary Arms

    20% off Giessele Product at Primary arms if any one is interested - looks like it is good through Monday I bought an SSA-E last year's sale, as I though the price was pretty good @ $192
  5. A couple of Yugo SKS questions?

    Bought a Yugo SKS this past week - nice condition overall and got the chance to clean it up this weekend Had a couple of questions on some things I discovered while cleaning the SKS After getting the cosmo out, the barrel didn't take too much effort to clean and in fact had no GSR...
  6. Cleaning stainless steel barrel (AR)

    Have a new AR with a stainless barrel. Good to use the same brass brushes, etc. that you would use to clean a standard steel barrel? Anything I need to do different? Thanks!
  7. Sweet ammo gloriousness

    Arrived on my doorstep today from CMP (surplus HXP): Grabbed a few handfuls and looks to be a mixture of mid 60's and mid 70's head stamps - mostly 1974 and 1964. All look in good shape and shootable. For those waiting for HXP from CMP I ordered on estore on 2/4 so ~50 days from...
  8. Pointers, tips wanted: Cleaning cosmoline of a Mosin-Nagant

    Took delivery of a Mosin-Nagant today - it is covered in sweet Cosmoline gloriousness. Any pointers on cleaning this up ahead of shooting it? I plan to disassemble and use a degreaser on the metal parts and use a heat gun to drive the cosmoline out of the wood. Any thoughts on what to...
  9. Interesting article in G&A rankings states on gun ownership

    An interesting article from Guns and Ammo ranking all states on gun ownership rights. G&A Ranks the Best States for Gun Owners in 2013 - Guns & Ammo
  10. Gunbot - finding in stock ammo

    At least will give you an idea of going rates of ammo for those who can't have it shipped to them GunBot find 223 5.56 AR-15 ammo in stock
  11. Where did you buy your Mylar bags, food buckets, O2 absorbers, etc.

    Interested in hearing where everyone is sourcing their Mylar bags, food grade buckets, O2 absorbers, etc. - and are happy with the quality. Hesitant to buy from places like Amazon where I think the quality can be suspect at times. Thanks for the help!
  12. Getting upper receiver to line up with handrail

    Have a quick question looking for help on - definitely a noob question though. Picked up a complete upper this past week and just noticed that the handrail does not line up fully with the receiver: Any quick fixes that I am able to do on my own. Thanks in advance for any help you...
  13. Shipping a firearm to Gray Guns - very expensive (or do I have this wrong?)

    Very excited about Gray Guns opening their Sig Services again this week - have a 229 that I wanted to send to them for some work. Went to UPS to send it out today...the charges to ship next day air (which the lady behind the counter told me is the only way to ship a firearm) to GGI in Oregon is...
  14. Which model Garand to get from CMP?

    Hi gang - thinking about getting my first Garand this winter from the CMP. Have a very super noob question though. On CMP's site you have the choice of three models: 1. M1 Garand, WRA (Winchester) 2. M1 Garand, SA (Springfield) 3. M1 Garand, HRA (Harrington & Richardson) Is one...
  15. Short and to the point by John Voight

    Couldn't say it better myself
  16. Kudos for the Westford Sportsman Club Open House

    Went to the open house this weekend at the Westford (MA) Sportsman Club and wanted to give a quick thanks to the members who put it on. It was well done and was packed with people when I was there - The club looked fantastic and is on a great piece of property. Talked to alot of members...
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