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  1. Secrets of a Successful Youth Duck Hunt

    This will be my third waterfowl season. Also got my first versatile hunting dog. I'm trying to do more decoying. Right now I mostly bump shoot from shore or my canoe. Open to tips or articles that seem especially helpful to you as far as getting better. Also trying to get better at finding the...
  2. Trapping coons

    Conibears can be a great tool however there's no release non targets. I would maybe add some (pull only) dog proof traps. Make sure they're anchored well coon are like little bears. Not sure what state you're in but maybe save the conibears for trapping season when the fur is prime so if you get...
  3. Sold please delete

    I'm too busy unfortunately didn't get to night hunt as much as I hoped. Like new pulsar Rxq30v thermal scope. This thing is a great entry level night vision scope. Can save up to 3 gun presets so you can have it sited in for rabbit, fox/coyote and boars for example. I really don't want to sell...
  4. Good place to catch shiners W. Mass. ?

    Most guys aren't going to give up their spots. Make sure the bait fish you do harvest are legal to use as well. I'd try anywhere guys ice fish frequently because I bet a lot of shiners get turned loose
  5. Sold delete please

    Ds-15 muti cal in 5.56 fixed mag, Sba3 pistol stabilizing brace, magpul moe pistol grip aero precision lower parts kit. Dsi will change to a free state model if you leave the commiewealth for greener pastures and more freedom. 450 or best reasonable offer.
  6. Tying flies

    I hunt and trap and I'll trade feathers and furs for flys. Let me know!
  7. Overnight on the ice

    How awesome is that garmin??? I would love to try one but the lrice is pretty steep! I could justify it if I was living somewhere where half (or more) of your fishing season is hard water.
  8. Rabies Protection

    I trap and have had one or two scares that ended up being nothing. I am not a doctor however after talking with the state epidemiologist rabies is a pretty weak virus. The danger is in the saliva. Claws can be a problem if they locked them. However the virus dies super quick on air contact and...
  9. Anti hunters in VT go after hunters

    Usually hunter harassment perpetrators walk free without even a warning so it's better than nothing!
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