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  1. Opinions - Ruger SR1911

    I loved it and wish I never got rid of mine
  2. Beretta re release Vertec and brigadier

    How much are they asking for it at four seasons?
  3. pre-ban glock mags w/gen 4

    Gun shop employee
  4. Why Are Berry's Bullets So Available?

    start another berrys group buy
  5. Deadbeats / No Shows "Blacklist"

    I like where this is heading
  6. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    It was an m&p sport that he was showing the customer
  7. Stupid things gun counter clerks say

    An ar15's bolt needs to be locked back to insert a loaded magazine
  8. Ruger LCR 22 thoughts?

    Been thinking about getting one I'd also like to get some input
  9. some Mosin newb questions

    M44 at collectible arms for 250 no tax
  10. Guns for survival

    THISSS!!!!! Shooting in bad weather SUCKS and a lot of people dont realize how much it actually sucks. This is why i would choose my 17 hmr in most situations. 300-400 rounds of 5.56 or 7.62x39 in the woods and with uneven terrain gets heavy really quickly
  11. .22 Ammo at MFS Today

    THIS!!!! I've been shooting a lot more pistol because of how crazy 22 prices are
  12. Anybody spot 17 WSM in SE MA?

    TAke a trip to dicks in dedham still had 21 boxes after my brother purchased 10. Just call ahead if they still have it
  13. Ruger American

    Savage axis also comes with a decent bushnell scope. Perfect for your needs
  14. ruger lcp vs squib update...why Ruger will be getting a bunch of business from me!

    I love ruger, the customer service is the reason I have bought 7 firearms from them and will be picking up an lc9 tomorrow
  15. Guns for survival

    Idk what the bear would be doing but I'll be running as I am reloading
  16. I think I am done with S&W

    Interesting. I think I'll put my shield up on the classified. Thanks
  17. Guns for survival

    I was thinking just being in the woods hunting for food kind of scenario. I have plenty of larger caliber firearms if needed
  18. Guns for survival

    Not looking for an answer just seeing what people would bring with them. I will have my ak, ar and other guns stashed somewhere
  19. Guns for survival

    It's pretty common if you have thousands stored somewhere ;).
  20. Guns for survival

    I was planning to be at the range all day today but around 3pm it started raining.(the forecast called for rain but I don't really trust it since the last 2 "storm of the century" ended up being flurries). Since my trip to the range was cut short, I quickly got bored....soooo I started thinking...
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