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  1. Anyone headin to Leafest in Kingston Ri

    Leap Fest the international parachute competition will be held this Saturday. If you like to watch helicopters and parachutes you should check it out. The RI National guard sponsors this event.
  2. Prosecutor resignes after saying rioters should be shot guess I would not make a good Detroit prosecuter
  3. article Assault Weapons Ban ineffective (A Non starter)

    The morning after the Sandy Hook shootings, Shannon Watts, a mother of five and a former public relations executive, started a Facebook page called “One Million Moms for Gun Control.” It proved wildly popular and members quickly focused on renewing the federal ban on military style assault...
  4. ASP colapsable batons in MA

    does anyone know if it is lawfull to carry one of them in Massachusetts? I found one in some kit from a deployment and wondered if it might be useful in the car or EDC bag? Thanks.
  5. Ghost Gun 30 cal magazine clip

    To a certain california Senator Black Sheep warrior has come up with a great idea A P-mag with this lazer etched on it. [laugh2]
  6. California senator makes fool of himself 1/2 a second 30rnd clip... impressive! Jackass.....
  7. Wow The old M-16 had some powerful ammo. CB Colby book

    Check out this Quote from the CB Colby Book Special Forces. Too bad it was not true. but since the average reader was a 12 year old boy. We all believed it.
  8. Haskinator choke tube for 870

    Totally new to the shotgun scene. My rem 870 came with a haskinator tactical choke tube I believe it is what they call cylinder bore. guy at Dicks ( I know...) sold me rifled slugs to sight it in. Can I shoot these with the haskinator on the gun? what can I shoot/not shoot with the...
  9. Poncho Liners and such

    Any one remember the Poncho liner. some call it the Woobie, Which is a reference to the child's blanket in Mr. Mom. Who Still Has There's? If So It Has to be one of the best pieces of military gear ever....If my poncho liner could Talk.........
  10. 1911 ejects brass straigt back

    I purchased a used series 80 Colt 1911. the spent brass ejects almost directly back on to the top of my head. Do stronger beefier extractors exist? or can i mod the current one. i once saw a guy pull the extractor out the back of the gun half way, and bend it ever so slightly to solve a similar...
  11. Gas station clerk fired for drawing gun on armed robber

    Gas station clerk fired for drawing gun on armed robber In New Hampshire. looks like there will be a rally to suppoer him. any one hiring/ Make him an offer.
  12. Assault rifles banned in NY

    check this list out. How much time and NY taxpayers money did this take? may have been easier to say " All AR-15 variants and all AK-47 variants
  13. New York's Summer of Gun Violence Is Off to a Chicago-Style Start

    New York's Summer of Gun Violence Is Off to a Chicago-Style Start The Comments are priceless!
  14. Ex cop killed in barrage of gun fire.

    What a load of @&#$, 52 rounds fired. One Guy with a handgun in a hotel room. The Average Army Private has better weapons discipline. Ex-Cop Who Wanted 'Suicide By Cop' Killed By Police Barrage
  15. fighting Gun violence with style

    Buy back guns, and ammo used to make jewelry All thos beautiful guns turned into trinkets... The Horror. Fighting Gun Violence with Style
  16. Paul Howe on Gun Confiscation

    Paul is a well respected carreer Special Operations Soldier. Now trains gun fighters. See his stuff on Panteo productions 2nd Amendment and the Koolaid Drinkers by Paul Howe - Soldier Systems
  17. "Gun Guy" interview also a Liberal Democrat

    Dedicated Liberal Democrat who is also a "gun guy" interview and book. Book Talk: 'Gun Guys: A Road Trip' explores America's gun culture | Reuters This is interesting.
  18. Senate PANEL approves Assault Weapons Ban

    Senate panel approves assault weapons ban - Yahoo! News
  19. FACT CHECK: Gun debate deals in moldy stats

    FACT CHECK: Gun debate deals in moldy stats - The Denver Post Some of the numbers being hurled around in the gun control debate passed their freshness date eons ago. Perhaps none is more prominent than the claim that 40 percent of gun sales take place without background checks.
  20. Gun Registration in Germany Pre WWII, National Rifleman 2001

    A good article... New research into Adolf Hitler's use of firearms registration lists to confiscate guns and the execution of their owners teaches a forceful lesson -- one that reveals why the American people and Congress have rejected registering honest firearm owners. Registration: The...
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