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  1. What are you buying yourself for Christmas? (Gun Related)

    Getting a CMP Garand, a new range bag and a decent set of ears...probably a couple hundred rounds of ammo as well.
  2. Prepping: Where to start?

    Where do you live... an apartment in the city will have different needs than a house in the country. What skills do you have? Can you hunt/fish/garden? What situation do you want to be ready for...something like Hurricane Katrina where you might be without food and electricity for a few weeks...
  3. Sig SP2022: why doesn't everyone have one of these???

    Why doesn't everyone have one of these? Because P226's and Glocks exist?
  4. Any recommendations for a fast-action knife?

    I guess I'm a little late to this party but here are three very good knives...all very affordable. I own all three and love them. Spyderco Tenacious- Awesome blade shape, opens well and the thumb hole will work even with gloves, nice texture on the g-10 handle scales. Very thin, pretty...
  5. or buy??

    Not sure if money is an issue in this, but if you really want to build one why not look into something like the Rifle Dynamics class where you build your own rifle in their shop...with their tools and experts help. Plus it's an excuse for a long weekend in Vegas...
  6. Pump action AR

    Anyone seen this before?
  7. Report: Cali. Lead ban to triple ammo prices

    probably 6 crazies, 2 less and 4 you sure you're not from Texas conservative types. The Central valley and Norcal are very conservative...moonbats rule Socal and the Bay Area and Inland Empire is middle of the road.
  8. Narrow rifle locker/cabinet

    something like this?
  9. idiots try to rob a jewelry store a gunpoint in Fresno, doesn't work out very well

    Fresno is what you get when Tijuana and Detroit have a baby...It's over 100 degrees all summer, the air quality is terrible from all the dust and pesticide and the land is ugly, brown and dead. On top of this the people there are arrogant, shallow and as dumb as you are ever going to meet. I...
  10. Falling out of like with a gun you have any long guns? I saw you mention any pistols but maybe you need a change of platform completely. Ever shot clays, it's fun as hell...which leads to my second question. Do you have anywhere you can shoot outside? I get bored to tears just punching paper at...
  11. How many hollywood moonbats could they cram into one anti-gun video?

    Saw Bill Gates donated A million to the anti's...whens the last time he was in an even remotely dangerous situation. They live in such a make believe world.
  12. Ammo by Planters???

    Just saw this...figured I would see what people think.
  13. Croatian AK mags...anyone use them?

    Ordered a few and just got them, and like any good Com-Block item they came in sealed bags swimming in oil. Once I got them open and cleaned up I was pretty happy with them. Build quality seems very good, they are solid as rock and fit my N-pap nice and problem getting them in or out...
  14. Why do we pay taxes on firearms and licenses needed to obtain them?

    Because the Government has confiscated our rights and is selling them back to us...
  15. Narrow but definitive win on waiting periods in CA
  16. Rights during a State of Emergency

    From what it looked like during the search for Speedbump and Flashbang...your rights during a SOE are what the Gov't decides to let you do during the SOE.
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