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  1. Colt’s New King Cobra Target .22LR Revolver

    $1000 Ouch!!!!!! Pass
  2. Home range backstop.

    Some of the guys I've seen at the Range would aerate that Kubota quick [mg]
  3. How much would you pay for it?

    If you'da put a Pinty on that pig you could sell it for any asking price [banana]
  4. 400 Bullet Proof Vests Stolen In NYC

    Probably the Russian mob [devil]......
  5. Weaponlights + weaponlight/laser advice

    Have had a TLR-1 for about 3 years ,so far so good [cheers]
  6. Goal alert for hunters

    None, Factory height with Carmichael bend
  7. Goal alert for hunters

    Curious is that the same for my Boa/fishing license and Dirtbike off road fee, cuz I know more trails are closed than ever
  8. Goal alert for hunters

    Yep everything here is spot on.....
  9. Goal alert for hunters

    Go hunt on Sundays like I said earlier don't care either way now let me call you a Whaaaammmbulance
  10. Goal alert for hunters

    That's what your Mom is for tuff guy LoL ,But hurt easy hey
  11. Goal alert for hunters

    Go ahead and hunt all year round don't care either way ,its not a big deal for me.......
  12. Goal alert for hunters

    My church is the church of the Handlebar and two stroke smoke be,Braaappp
  13. Goal alert for hunters

    Sundays....Hell no, When I go out riding or to do something in the woods, that's the only day I know I'm safe from all the weekend warriors.
  14. Deals and steals

    Added 5 to my cart and well low and behold “No Shipping to Massachusetts” !!!Doh!!! FU Maura…..
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