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  1. First rounds off of the reloading press

    That or HP-38 is on the list. I had titegroup and Unique and TG meterered better thru the chargemaster and shot better.
  2. Revolvers - am I going backwards?

    I think of hunting big game with a revolver, never thought of hunting it with a semi. Although I have hunted squirrel w/ S&W 41 and that was fun.
  3. Looks like most of the sheep didn't comply ?

    Crazy stuff. I would have hoped nobody would show up.
  4. Home Invasion next town over from me, cops take 1.5 hours to respond

    Sickening! And Scarry. Hell the send out SWAT for a Pop tart gun
  5. First rounds off of the reloading press

    Titegroup might run better thru it. I hear there are rpoblems w/ some powders. I have not set up my loadmaster yet, just started 9 with the turret.
  6. Banned Daniel Defense Superbowl commercial

    Kudos for Daniel Defense for giving it a try. Its ok for criminals to play for the NFL but heaven forbid we try and protect our families. At least the haven't banned the Pats Minute men yet.
  7. Multiple 9mm Rookie Questions??

    STOP w/ .357!! I just started loading for 9mm and .357 is too BIG for the 9mm. You should be loading .355 jacketed or .356 lead.
  8. Elected to American Pistolsmith Guild

    Congrats Greg from me and MRGC
  9. powder scales

    said to be the best there is Yup started w/ 1010 now have Chargemaster but still check on 1010 unless its plinking ammo. I DO use Digital for wieghing Brass, Bullets, etc so they are good to have.
  10. Evaluation of stuff

    thats a steal...Lucky dog. going to check that cave now..
  11. Corn Cobb Media

    Is it much more $$ from a local grain/feed store? Thats where I get mine for my lizards and then use for brass too. Lizards really hate the tumbler though.
  12. Good/Best .22LR? - New to .22

    No shorts for semi's. SHot competition and tried the usual rem, Win, Fe. but CCI was the only one I could count on not to give me duds and screw up my shoot.
  13. Why does Comm 2A not return my calls?

    I have been trying to reach them for a loooong time. I have sent emails and called numerous times. Have they disbanded? Or am I no longer important?
  14. M&P 9mm 115gr lead

    ANyone have loads for their M&P 9mm 4 3/4" for 115gr lead round nose?
  15. 9mm components locally?

    Where you getting plated bullets for that?? I ve seen them for $90 WHat brand?
  16. 9mm components locally?

    Yup not far from Quincy. Stock up and it will save you lots over gas costs. Buy your beer & butts up there to save additional money.
  17. disturbing the peace for open carrying!!!

    My thoughts exactly. Just cause it's legal doesn't always make it the smart thing to do. HAve a brain. I thought he was going to have a pistol holstered on his side. With todays shite going on that was just stupid!
  18. Difference in polish level with lizard bedding?

    Ya, I am thinking a dryer sheet or 2 will help. looks like dust on cases.
  19. Guide to gun rights in your Massachusetts town

    Pembroke BLACK! I just went for renewal and they said they don't do Class A in Pembroke
  20. 3 Missing Hunter in Westport, 2 found Dead, 1 transported to RI Hospital

    yes there was, he still has not been found.
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