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  1. 45 Colt wadcutters

    Why are there no 45 Colt wadcutter loads? Is it too big to fly? I get great accuracy out of my 38 with swaged HBWC's. It seems there should be the same ability with 45. Maybe it's too hot.
  2. Looks like Ruger had a good quarter

    Their stock took off today while everything else is still going down.
  3. Accuwedge

    I'm having trouble fitting an Accuwedge in my AR. What part of it do you trim to make the upper able to seat in the lower? Sides or bottom? I also installed a one piece gas ring which is very tight but fits. It may need to be broken in. On another topic, I bought some Smith & Wesson...
  4. C&R question

    How do I send a copy of my C&R to companies like Brownell's and Midway. I don't see any areas of the website which notes how to do this. Thanks
  5. Service rifle dry fire training

    For service rifle, if dry firing to a dot on the wall. Can anybody tell me what would be the height of the dot at a normal indoor distance of 5-10 feet for each position? I would like to practice and train my natural point of aim properly to the target height. I'm coming from a bullseye...
  6. Bullseye leagues

    Other than the Greater Boston Pistol League, does anybody have some names and links to other bullseye leagues in the Boston or Metro north areas?
  7. A new idiot for the new year Guy almost shoots his son.
  8. Pepper spray in a mental hospital?

    Is it legal to carry pepper spray while in a mental hospital? I have some side work that I'm doing which involves working in locked wards in a mental hospital.
  9. whoops-a-daisy Woman has ND.
  10. Fox Labs pepper spray

    Any body know where to buy Fox Labs pepper spray in MA?
  11. Can I receive parts internationaly by mail?

    Can I receive parts internationally by mail? I have some parts I need from Switzerland or Germany and I can have them sent to an address in those countries, but I would like to know the lagalities with sending them to me here through the mail. It's a bunch of screws and springs, a trigger...
  12. AOL gun poll

    I saw this on the high road. Vote for less gun control. Copy and paste please.
  13. How to links To find the names and contact info for all your elected representatives, local and national. Just put in your zip code. Follows all of Congress' bills relating to firearms...
  14. Single Action Gunsmithing Question

    I have a 357 Ruger New Vaquero that I have installed wolff 14# hammer and 40 oz trigger springs. I polished all internals and the gun is now very light and slick. When the gun gets dirty after a couple boxes it loses its slickness and the cylinder chatters a little. Does anybody know what...
  15. What's a winchester 1776?

    My girlfriend told me she has a Winchester 1776. I couldn't find any info about it online. Anybody know anything about it or pictures?
  16. $100 or $110 for renewal of ltc?

    My town wants $110 for renewal of LTC. I thought it was $100, with no other added charges. Any thoughts? Thank you
  17. Denial or downgrade question

    Hi, I am up for renewal in Watertown MA (Black labeled). I have had a restricted license (class A target only) since 92 with 2 renewals in watertown. I do weekly bullseye matches, as well as practice at the club a couple of times a week, so I am frequently to constantly transporting my...
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