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  1. indoor national championship

    Anyone going to the 2008 S&W IDPA indoor national championship in Springfield MA Feb. 21 - 23? Can we go and watch? or is for competitors only.
  2. laws to building an AR

    I have read a few threads about people building there own AR. Is there any laws about buying the parts online and building one? Don't you have to register them like a hand gun?
  3. Quote message in reply?

    how do you add a quote to your message???
  4. safes

    has anyone ever seen a safe that is the size of a foot locker? I'm looking for a safe, to put at the foot of our bed like a foot locker. I own several hand guns and the wife said I cant get a shot gun or rifle until I get a larger safe. I do not have a basement or garage, or anywhere to put a...
  5. Remington Arms Plant Ignites Into Flames
  6. Inside the pant holster?

    Does anyone have an inside the pant holster? If so do you like it? I'm looking for a comfortable concealed carry holster for an S&W M&P .40 compact.. I just dont know about an inside the pants holster. Link to what I'm looking at...
  7. CT Gun Law:

    What gun law is being broke here..... Someone enters your home, is threatening your wife with a weapon, knife, gun, bat, chainsaw, whatever... your wife being legal to own/carry a firearm, goes into the safe and gets one of your guns, and shoots this person who could have hurt or killed...
  8. Good 1st gun for my girlfriend?

    My girlfriend just completed her pistol permit class, she wants a 9mm. Can anyone recommend a good sold 9mm? She really likes the feel of my Ruger P95, but I was leaning more for a S&W. I have a M&P 40c, does anyone have the M&P 9mm? and any thoughts on the M&P 9mm? standard/compact?
  9. Competition Shooting in CT?

    I would like to get into Competition Shooting. I live in CT (1 mile from the Hartford Gun Club) Does anyone know how one gets started? What the costs are? I believe the Hartford Gun Club offers this, but have yet to see anything posted at there range.
  10. S&W M&P 40 cal - 357 SIG

    I just bought the S&W M&P 40 cal compact. Love it. I heard all you need to do is change the barrel and you can shoot 357 rounds? The mag states 40/357 but can that be true change the barrel and shoot a different cal round? Does anyone know for sure?? Rob
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