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  1. General Mini 14 Thread

    Almost entirely correct. The preban GB model did not have to have a folder originally. It was already classified as a assault rifle due to detachable mag, Bayo mount and flash hider. So adding one more evil feature does not matter. This was originally a fixed stock. I moved the sling mount to...
  2. USPSA PCC ?

    If anything PCC is gaining in popularity. There were more carbine shooters than ever at the matches that I attended this year
  3. Bradford USPSA May

    Long range forecasts look promising. I am registered.
  4. USPSA PCC ?

    AR-9/40 Platform Archives - New Frontier Armory, LLC
  5. Ever wanted to try USPSA (2019 edition)

    I agree. I felt very well prepared at my first USPSA match after taking this class.
  6. 80% AR build in MA

    It was just that simple pre 7/20/2016 Not so anymore. I suggest you do a little more research to bring you up to speed on current AG interpretations of the law.
  7. Fall 2018 to 2019 gun show calendar?

    No more Foxboro?
  8. 80% dimension question

    Gen ll AR15 receivers come with the rear shelf almost completely finished. But there is usually a couple thou (mostly in depth) left to be removed,. The finished shelf is .630 deep and .500 wide.
  9. Which lower jig?

    No, they do not have a storefront.
  10. Which lower jig?

    Not necessarily. The majority of the CC processing software treats a gift card exactly the same as a CC or debit card. Meaning the gift card billing address must match the address where the CC statement is sent. Or in this case the address the gift card is registered to.
  11. 80% help

    Watch these and then decide.
  12. AR-Stoner Parts

    It really depends on the item. AR Stoner is not a manufacturer, it is a private label brand for Midway. The parts are made by various manufacturers. Overall I have had good like with them
  13. Modulus Arms black Friday sale

    Sitting on their asses and doing nothing while others continued to develop better jigs. When Modulus released their HD jig, it was the best available, but that was two years ago. Since then 5D released their original jig which was already better than the Modulus jig and then just recently 5d...
  14. Modulus Arms black Friday sale

    Yup, I saw the writing on the wall and moved on about 6 months ago. This is where I'm working now. A far superior product.
  15. USPSA match Hopkinton October 7 2017

    Will there be a USPSA match at Hopkinton on Nov 4th?
  16. stores with IPSC/USPSC cardboard targets?
  17. One Month Until the First Annual 80% Day! 7/20/17!

    They do not specify in that ad, but I assume that they are 6061-T6 not the stronger 7075-T6. Usually they will list it in the ad if they are 7075. The other thing is that they are not Mil-spec either. That would also lead me to conclude that they are 6061
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