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  1. wheel weights

    Anybody still using wheel weights? If so I got a bucket of them but don't know current prices. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
  2. .40 S&W reloading with unique

    Ok, I have posted before about stuff and gotten all manner of responses. Just looking for some help on this one. I was recently reloading some .40 for my wifes sig. I was going to use unique and the actual weight for the projectile is 165gr copper jacketed. When I measured the powder drop it was...
  3. yet another 9mm reloading question

    Ok, it seems I was a bit over the top here. My apologies as well. Jose, your a D.B. Eddie, your the man. Duke, I appreciate all the input I get here. As I am a younger reloader, I am trying to gleen as much info as possible with realworld experience from people who know their stuff like you...
  4. yet another 9mm reloading question

    And for clarification, the reloading manuals I have are, speer which is on the hot side of loads, Lyman, and Hogdons. I find it odd that there is so much difference on certain rounds. Just wanted to exhaust all avenues so that I would not get hurt.
  5. yet another 9mm reloading question

    To those of you that answered the question and actually helped, I appreciate it. For the rest of you who seem to think I am some kind of idiot that reloads without books or searching out data, well you know what you can do. And for the person that responded that Hogdons's site had the data, look...
  6. yet another 9mm reloading question

    Already got one
  7. yet another 9mm reloading question

    I was on the sites and there is not any data that makes sense.
  8. yet another 9mm reloading question

    SO I am getting ready to load 9mm. I have seen a lot of conflicting info. Here is what I am loading. I have 115 grain, FMJ, round nose. I am loading with either unique or 231. I am looking for a good O.A.L for the round, also for good middle of the road recipe with regards to powder drop. Any...
  9. .40 S&W case question

    Thanks guys. I think I know what is going on. She has an m&p compact .40 as well and it is just like a glock. I will have to keep the fired brass separate. Man you guys are good.
  10. .40 S&W case question

    Ok guys, heres my latest question. When I am reloading 40 S&W, a handful of rounds come out and will not chamber in my wifes sig. All the other ones are fine, just these few. They are too fat to go in. I am using a Dillion 550, loading cast rounds. Should I just chalk this up to weak cases? Thanks.
  11. post ban ar mags

    Ok, here's the deal. Someone wants to give me 2 post ban 30 round mags for and ar 15. I live in MA.. can I or can't I have these?
  12. 7.62 vs .308 reloading ?

    Thanks guys for all the info.
  13. 7.62 vs .308 reloading ?

    Hey guys. So here's my latest inquiry. I have a lot of military surplus brass in 7.62x51. There seems to be no reloading recipes out there that I can find. Being that it is similiar to .308, though .308 has higher pressures from what I have read. Can it be reloaded safely with a low end .308 recipe?
  14. smokey reloads

    I forgot to say they are hard cast. Thanks Duke and Gerry. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. Have a great indepencance day.
  15. smokey reloads

    Any idea what causes all the smoke? I reload .45, .40, .380?. I use unique, clays, win 231. Just curious if there are any other powders less smokey.
  16. .223 reloading

    Cool, thanks jasper.
  17. .223 reloading

    Hey guys. Finally got around to loading this stuff. Here are a few things I noticed. The overall length listed was 2.26" I measured a factory round and it was shorter than that. 2.20" I loaded the same grain 55gr fmj. I measured all the cases and did not have to resize. I only loaded 40 rounds...
  18. ar-10 build question

    Ok here it is. real simple. I want to get an ar-10. I have been thinking about it for awhile. Would it be cheaper to build one or not? Where to get parts.
  19. range fees

    Some good responses here. It's not the cost, you are correct. It's the hassle. The only part of the cost is the friend part. Don't get me wrong, I am not un pleased with the club. Great place to shoot. I think what it is coming down to is this. I am in my 30's. Guys at the club are mostly older...
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