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  1. WTS P320 Slides (3.6/3.9 barrel), Holsters

    FDE X-Carry Slide Used: ~7,000 rounds through the slide and barrel. Slight wear on finish Recoil spring: ~1,000 rounds Optics plate (Romeo/DPP footprint), Sig XRay sights 3.9" Barrel Black X-Compact Like New: Less than 100 rounds. Upgraded to RXP slide and have not touched this X-series...
  2. WTT SRP for your SPP

    Looking to do a 1:1 trade -- my Federal Small Rifle Match Primers for your Small Pistol Primers. Any quantity from 1k - 4k works for me. Prefer not to sell, but open to it if you're willing to pay the price it'll cost me to buy SPPs here. Let me know what you got Located in MA South Shore.
  3. LTC Restriction Removal Request (Quincy)

    That's actually really simple but great advice. Thank you
  4. LTC Restriction Removal Request (Quincy)

    What a headache to deal with from an early mistake. I'm hoping to not have to wait for my renewal to get this restriction lifted.
  5. LTC Restriction Removal Request (Quincy)

    Clean record, just poor research before applying. Any thoughts about getting it lifted?
  6. LTC Restriction Removal Request (Quincy)

    That's what I hear. I wish I had found this forum for advice and knew more people at the time of applying. I believe I put home defense instead of all legal purposes in my write up.
  7. LTC Restriction Removal Request (Quincy)

    Hey all, I applied for my LTC mid-2020 and it was issued in early January of this year, just a few months ago, with a Target & Hunting restriction. Does anybody have any experience in successfully getting the restriction lifted and how they went about it? I am wondering if it is too early to...
  8. Cross Eye Dominance Advice?

    Thanks for the input. That's some good validation, my only friend in that shoots competitively was pretty clear that I should train my right eye. Maybe it seems harder than it actually is, and just needs some effort. Anybody have any tips / success stories? I've heard scotch tape over the eye...
  9. Cross Eye Dominance Advice?

    I'm cross eye dominant (right hand left eye) and have been thinking about what is the best way to shoot a pistol effectively. Seems like there's some debate around the topic and would love to hear what works best for other people. I hope to shoot in some matches in the near future and want to...
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