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  1. South shore "multi-town pot bust"

    I'm pretty sure it's up for vote this coming year
  2. Snub Nose Glock

    I wanted to see if there was any way to make it uglier than it already was
  3. Snub Nose Glock

    I enjoy the g19 cut down to g26. I did it to my 19, it wasn't difficult and didn't come out too bad for a first time mod. The only thing I disliked about the mod was that I ended up sanding too far in the wrong direction, which could have been prevented by not figuring it out myself. If I had...
  4. Terrorist Attack in Paris

    FRANCE: A hostage situation is being reported right now inside a jewelry store in Montpellier, France. PHOTOS - — KolHaolam (@KolHaolam) January 9, 2015
  5. Terrorist Attack in Paris

    people are reporting that the female in the supermarket got away. <- likely FUD
  6. How old is too old? Certainly way past 75

    culling the herd at 75 would seriously impact my dating pool
  7. "...some freedoms for ..... may need to be restricted....."
  8. The end of HKPARTS.NET

    That's great. Doesn't murder start at 25 years?
  9. Hora Dolor - 4th time's the charm - September 7th.

    I am out. I will be shooing pigs in florida that weekend instead
  10. Hora Dolor - 4th time's the charm - September 7th.

    If more knock down power is needed, just push your g19 towards the target as you squeeze the trigger
  11. Bug in at almost all costs

    very true. There have been 18 wheeler accidents twice on 95 near where I work, and each time the 20 minute back road commute I have turns into close to 2 hours of parking lot traffic from people trying to go around the 95 accidents. That's one accident, closing down all or part of one...
  12. Hora Dolor - 4th time's the charm - September 7th.

    Is there a requirement on the number of pieces of american flag apparel we have to wear?
  13. Hora Dolor - 4th time's the charm - September 7th.

    lol at the video comments. I'm in for this
  14. Another no-knock, and the table got turned

    you guys are lame. When you announce who you are it saps all the fun out of your call of duty live action role playing games. These poor police officers are already doing a tough job and you want to take away their GI Joe play time, the only fun they get! Shame on you
  15. Need on Iraq

  16. WPRC June Steel Challenge Match 06/01/2014
  17. CNN: Piers Morgan out – Guess Who's In !

    why did it take 3 pages for someone to understand this? She is not replacing Morgan
  18. Flying with bullets.. TSA said OK Jet Blue said No.

    I frequently pick jetblue when I fly, and I always fly with firearms, never had a problem. One time the guy at the counter said he never asks people to show him if the firearm is unloaded because he's afraid the passenger might try to shoot him if the gun becomes visible. I told him that if...
  19. Child Kidnapping Experiment Goes Viral

    I've always wanted one of these hidden camera things to get really uncomfortable. Maybe something like they find a dead body in a way that would be hard to explain, so the mark they picked just says something like "ok, you go get the saw from my trunk. You help me move this guy into the...
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