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  1. Good info on self defense bullets

    The gel simply provides for a consistent test medium with measurable travel and therefore a basis for comparisons. If the gel was thinner then rounds would simply pass through and you would end up with less data to compare.
  2. handgun ammo FMJ - aluminum - steel etc

    What ammo/gun combinations have you had issues with? I've put lots of aluminum and steel cased stuff through my M&P9 without a single issue.
  3. two way communications radio

    They claimed to be finding scanners in homes when serving drug warrants, but no drugs
  4. two way communications radio

    I looked into CB's a couple years ago and was rather disappointed with what I found, particularly with the handheld ones. Depending on where you live, their range can be extremely poor. Unless an immediate neighbor is listening and/or a first responder you may be out of luck. As cockpitbob...
  5. My patriot supply.
  6. First home handgun; several choices... suggestions?

    Woefully under-informed? I'm not the one over paying for ammo by $2 per round or whatever top shelf "carry" ammo is going for these days. As to being a danger to people around me, your JHPs are just as likely to go through walls. JHPs are designed to deform when they hit soft targets, not...
  7. First home handgun; several choices... suggestions?

    O rly? My home defense firearm is a M&P9 loaded with walmart-shelf grade FMJs.
  8. questioned for "expired LTC"?

    Carrying a gun or having an LTC is not against the law or indicative of any crime being committed. Having an expired LTC likewise means nothing. Even if your license was expired, the cop has no evidence that you were carrying a firearm. If a cop runs your info and sees you have an LTC, or in...
  9. My patriot supply.

    Good to know. I just ordered two of their $17.76 one week supplies.
  10. Prepping for extended family.

    I would never tell extended family that my preparations were made with them in mind. Instead, I would only encourage them to prepare for themselves but also expand my own storage for the inevitable "family on the doorstep" scenario. I see two benefits to this. First, you avoid family just...
  11. First home handgun; several choices... suggestions?

    I would suggest going with what is most comfortable and what you shoot the best. IMO magazine capacity and caliber don't really matter if you're not going to hit what you're aiming at. If you like the sig the best then simply save up and get one. Yes they're a bit pricey but the ones I've shot...
  12. NSSF filed vs AGO!

    It's just hopeful speculation on my part. Sadly an administrative procedure claim or separation of powers challenge may be the best chance at fighting the AG (because that wouldn't be directly related to evil guns). Comm2a is the only other player I'm aware of so if they don't do it then I'm not...
  13. NSSF filed vs AGO!

    Looking at the complaint, this is only raising constitutional issues under the US Constitution. It is generally always better to raise these types of claims in federal court, particularly where if the end game is to get to SCOTUS. If you're going to end up in federal court then you might as well...
  14. MA SJC Approves Running from Police now OK

    This isn't exactly new legal territory. Both SCOTUS and the SJC have previously found that flight from a location does not on its own provide police with the reasonable suspicion necessary to justify a seizure (Terry stop). It can only be a factor considered by police. You have the right not to...
  15. Moving but staying in the same city?

    Before mailing, copy down the certified mail article number right onto the document you're mailing, then photo copy it. You will now have a copy of the document that was in the envelope and bearing the same certified article number as the certified mail receipt. Without having the original...
  16. SKS questions and possible answers

    I'm thinking I may need to do something post cosmoline removal. It all depends on the actual rifle I end up with and the condition of the stock/finish.
  17. SKS questions and possible answers

    I'm interested in getting schooled somewhat on stock finishes. I'll be picking up a yugo from the recent group buy in the next few days. I've been using some google-fu but most threads/discussions on this topic devolve into people just stating "BLO" or "tung oil" without providing any real...
  18. Police officer fired for not shooting man who had unloaded gun

    Using common sense to assess the nature of the situation? -- check. Deesculating the situation? -- check. Showing concern for the well-being of others? -- check. The guy should have been promoted.
  19. Choosing a revolver for small hands

    Don't write off smith j-frames wholesale because of their size. They seem to have a reputation for heavy recoil. But this depends on the specific model and what you're running through it. There is a seemingly endless number of smith & wesson j-frames. An airweight/scandium frame can weigh about...
  20. MA AG Overreach Thread - Part 2

    This is the single biggest factor in my opinion. It's been a while since I checked the stats, but somewhere around 70-80% of legislative races in MA are unopposed. The national average is somewhere around 35%. It's crazy.
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