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  1. Better Be Planting This Year. 2022

  2. This is how [...] I end up with an electronic front-stuffer

    While he probably used the rocket motor igniters, I'm kind of doubting that the Japanese nutter used model rocket motors for the bang. Has the powder source been confirmed anywhere? I'd guess maybe sourced something from fireworks. Is black powder available in Japan? The Remington EtronX...
  3. First Build(s)

    If you go with a small "mill/drill", no need for a jig. That's what the handwheel dials are for. I got my RF45 square column mill drill off craigslist for $600. Have made all sorts of fun toys with it. Once you have the tools, all sorts of interesting possibilities will come to mind.
  4. Avoid ACK495

    Am I missing something? What's the point of hacking an account if you're just going to write stupid sh!t like that?
  5. 80%

    Yeah - those are the ones I tried to find in stock anywhere when I needed to fix that AR10 lower. Nobody had them - I think they might be out of production. That's why I used the modified 1911 grip bushings.
  6. 80%

    Don't throw it in the scrap bin just yet. On an "80%" AR10 lower, I had the pin holes go way oversize when I accidentally used a crappy chinesium drill bit when drilling undersize prior to reaming. I ended up fixing it using some modified 1911 grip screw bushings.....
  7. Another wife wants a gun thread

    "Hey dear, let's go to the range so you can try shooting for the first time. Which one do you want to start with?" .....
  8. Mini die cast AR15!!!! Coolest thing ever

    If it were cheaper, I'd buy one and figure out how to make it fire those little 2mm rounds. Or maybe make some custom round using a primer.
  9. New Gun expended cartridge?

    It's turtles, all the way down.
  10. CRS Firearms Matthew Hoover arrested for selling auto keycards

    Man, if that's all the ATF is basing their case on, they really do need a collective throat punch.
  11. CRS Firearms Matthew Hoover arrested for selling auto keycards

    How is that item any different from, for example, a STEN MK3 tube with a printed template attached to it? Which is also just piece of metal with a drawing on it. And for sale by a few different companies (that don't get arrested for it). If I recall, there are even some sellers drawing...
  12. Here we go....Here comes Maura

    I'd go with an affirmative on that. He sucks, they/them/it swallows.
  13. FB and IG down worldwide

    I'm reminded of an old Far Side cartoon with the caption something like this .... "If a tree falls in the forest, and it hits a mime, does anyone care?"
  14. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    Yup - got an old 1930's South Bend 9 wedged in the corner. With the mill, lathe, bench, and shelves full of kits to be built, it gets a little tight working in the shop.
  15. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    With a mill, you set up your workpiece on the mill's table, find a "zero" location (on an AR lower - say the centerline of the pivot pin hole), and work from that point as a reference. I did the "0%" raw forgings just by counting turns of the handwheels. You have to pay attention to not lose...
  16. AR Polymer80 Versus Forged 80%

    Way back when I was preparing to do some "0%" and "80%" lowers, I had looked into some of the jigs available. I just ended up buying a used RF45 benchtop mill/drill instead for $600. My "shop" space is tiny - about 6' x 10', so couldn't go with a "real" mill. I've since made all kinds of toys...
  17. Looks like the Commies are gettin' their own range??

    My guess ... no "agenda" of any note, despite the blather on the SRA web-site. "Comrade" is likely just a few like-"minded" persons (I use the word "mind" loosely, as we're discussing self-styled "socialists" here), who are playing the discrimination card in order to get donations to fund a...
  18. Tips and accessories for gunsmithing w/milling machine?

    I used a small endmill with the frame clamped to the table flat on its side. Took a long time, but I could get the rail slot cut for a nice tight fit by using an undersized endmill and making multiple passes to get the width needed.
  19. Wasr 10 missing chuck of metal

    Same exact thing on mine, but on BOTH sides (as is yours, I think, from your pics). My opinion, after looking at the areas under magnification, is that they are cut that way as stress relief indented radii. Similar to the way an FN-FAL is made in the wall behind the ejector block. The radii at...
  20. Wasr 10 missing chuck of metal

    Will be checking mine when I get home. Who'd have thought the things would be going for $1,500! Picked mine up a few years back for 4 bills, and it came with 4 mags and 600 rounds.
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