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  1. X47b Seen theses yet?

    Air intake. Some of the shots had the FOD plug in place.
  2. Medical Marijuana and Guns

    Playing Devil's Advocate- And there lies the conflict. Alcohol is legal at the federal level. Weed is not. The ATF is saying that based on federal law, they consider state sanctioned use of a federally controlled substance a firearms prohibitor. Regardless of whether Marijuana should...
  3. Mailed CMP paperwork 1/11

    My Nov. 30 NIW barrel order just hit my CC today.
  4. Navy's Railgun 'Faster Than a Speeding Bullet'

    Keep in mind that the temperature rise ratio across a normal shock at M=7 is about 10.5. Given a 70°F day is 530°R, the temperature at the tip of the projectile is 10.5 X 530 =5565°R = 5105°F. Well above the melting point of most alloys, and about 1000° hotter than the center of the plume of a...
  5. Groton MA neighbors fired up about shooting range

    I remember when the Meadow Lane development was built across the street from Westford SC and the people that bought complained about the noise from the weekend clays matches. Any time I visit my dad, it is just weird if I can't hear the shooting.
  6. Groton MA neighbors fired up about shooting range

    I grew up right down the street from both the Westford Sprotsman's Club and the dump/sand pit area that those residents are complaining about. Remembering the topology of the sand pit area, I can't imagine how any resident of Hoyt's Wharf could be inundated with noise from the police range at...
  7. How much power does the action consume

    I'd say that 2 cases of Wolf and a Yugo 59/66 SKS could be a test. One case with the gas lock open, one case with it closed. Then you would only have to deal with the hysterically funny statistical spread resulting from the precise loading of Wolf ammo. At least you'd get to blast off 2...
  8. Show me your AK

    Yeah... I started stripping the upper and lower forestock this evening. Multiple applications of strip-eze and there is still more to go. I redid the stocks on the Bulgarian. I love the way the lower forestock looks. I just used minwax 'red oak' and many applications of BLO. It has an...
  9. Show me your AK

    Here's the PSL-54c and my Bulgarian AK74 build. The wood on the PSL is going to be refinished. It looks like it was done by a monkey with a really runny nose...
  10. Bulgarian AK build

    Sadly, there are no in process pics. There really wasn't the urge to have in process shots until I was looking at the finished rifle and thought about posting the results. Hindsight 20/20 and all. there will be some better quality pictures on the way, though.
  11. Bulgarian AK build

    My first AK build. Been working on it since Late February a few hours a week. It is a 1990 Bulgarian AK74 Kit from Ohio Rapid Fire rebuilt onto a Armory USA reciever. It took so long since I built all of the press and rivet tooling necessary to do the job. The parts were...
  12. Show me your AR

    Both are complete builds on Stag lowers. That is the fun part... I know that they are exactly what I wanted since I bought each part individually and assembled it.
  13. Massachusetts Ranked 22nd in Safest States, Well Below Other New England States

    Um...And have it wash down river to us in CT..? Um..No...
  14. Flat top target upper for my AR

    Here's my target build. It's an RRA 24" barrel & BCG on a CMT flat top upper. Stag lower, RRA NM 2 stage Trigger Group & LPK, Magpul PRS Stock, & a Leupold VXII 4-12x40 AO scope. I'd let you know how the barrel shoots, but I haven't had the chance to get it to the range since I finished...
  15. new shooter - new gun question

    I've got a MKIII Hunter. When I shoot the CCI Standard Velocity rounds, I occasionally get a shell that doesn't eject correctly and jams between the upper reciever and the spring pin when the bolt slides forward. I don't have the problem nearly as much with the Federal bulk packs or with...
  16. Ar Uppers

    del-ton has the ARFX-E for $96 includingthe buffer and spring. I have ordered from them several times before.
  17. Another AR question

    I will most likely be getting another stripped lower in the near future to build an m4gery on. My Varmint build was done on a Stag lower. It is good fit and finish. Nearly finished varmint build.
  18. Service Grade Garands

    Just my luck...The service grades get posted to the web site the day after my order for 1 field and 1 rack grade goes in the mail...
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